Thursday, 7 April 2016

episode 363 understanding arnav

whenever i think of the movie sequence, the "i don't think you understand me" scene comes to mind. gets me, every time, like those tears of khushi. there's such a sharp note of reality there and a story. of course, that vibe between barun and sanaya which makes it more than television, more than real, just somehow more.

arnav singh raizada is a complicated man. khushi has her own complexities. a terrific attraction takes hold of both of them and they find it impossible to be without each other, from kiddish clashes to roiling antagonism, to heartbreak and hell, to submission,
they've been through the agony and ecstasy of this emotion they feel.

it's been an extraordinary time in their lives. and a connection has been made that shan't be broken by the tosses and turmoils of existence.

but still... they haven't had time to get to really know each other...

nice word.

means a lot in relationships. 

sometimes you never understand. sometimes you do... a bit. perhaps even a lot... whether you get there or not, in most ties that last, most lovers... seek it. perhaps second it is only to that feeling of love. the need to be understood; for who you are, you... the specific human being.

sometimes you don't understand, but you love. and one just might have the strength to accept it for what it is. valuing love above all else.

but yet, don't you wish to be understood? for someone who will understand?

asr can't say things, he feels them, he holds in him a dard with no limits and a pyaar even more limitless... does he want khushi to give him what no one ever really has... not because they didn't want to? but because they couldn't?

does he wish this for himself? a girl.. no, khushi... who understands?

i can't say i liked the movie scene. it's typical soap fare. and takes away from both khushi and asr.

but this scene, which comes as a result of that... i feel it.

this sort of thing does indeed happen. little things that irritate, reach below the surface, touch unknown places, then set off major fights. khushi didn't mean to ignore him, but she ended up doing just that, and she being who she is, got terribly involved with the moment and he being who he is seethed with rage but i guess he didn't know how to say it to her for maybe it all seemed too paltry to start a fight over.


but then she guessed he was naraaz... though why, again completely escaped her. lovely little interlude.

i know you're mad at me. it's because of this. he has no idea what to say. oh, it isn't? then it must be this. he is losing it. then, could it be because mami ji was singing in the car? but then i do too... why should it-

he must grab her by the arms then, swing her around and say what he has to.

ah... understanding. 

i had hoped the issue of getting to know each other... becoming even more deeply embedded in each other would be the tone of story vis a vis asr and khushi's relationship.

maybe it was just a throwaway line the dialogue writer wrote to have asr say something contemporary sounding in his language... english. but it entered my thoughts and made me want to see things.

she went to make up for her not understanding... and again a sequence i can't even begin to understand how it found its way into ipk.

but then again came a sweet pagal note of asr khushi pyaar.

smoothly say, "arnav..."

haltingly reply, "arnav... jihhh..."

crisply insist, "ar-nav!"

confusedly mumble, "arnav... jih!"

throw a googly, but huskily mind you, "arnav ji!"

reply without thinking, voice a little breathy, "arnav-"

cock your head and go, "what?" (remember to do the "w" with that dilli amriki twang).

she called him "arnav."

he seemed to melt. oh he liked the thought of her coming to "manao" him. yeah, her way was bizarre, but the message thrills him, even if not the medium. he wants her to get him, pamper him, love him to bits... while he does his gussa, dimaag, derby, get out, shut up... he wants his ajeeb girl to be as smitten and loopy as he is about her. 


she said it sweetly, shyly, eagerly, and rushed into his arms.

great love stories are possibly written in moments, not in all the twenty minutes of an episode.

and teehee are we all ready for khushi in skirt who will do english mein baatein?

yes, arnav ji.


"hawww! hum aapko mooh pe laad governor kaise bula sakte hain!"
i am snorting and laughing.

(hawww! how can i call you laad governor to your face.)

"i meant.. arnav."

poor chap, i do feel for him. landed himself in a soup, marrying the true blue ajeeb.


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