Thursday, 28 April 2016

episodes 364/365 birthday bitwa

he was her gabroo jawan, she was his ajeeb ho tum, everything was too pretty in the garden of ipk now that the snake had been defanged, and that was the whole problem.

something was needed to take the story forward, what could it be but a fight.

i have looked at 364 and 365 several times, always completely skipping the asr making jalebi and the akash giving asr advice scenes, mainly to see what it is that the writers were trying to convey.

and in the bargain all i have achieved is feeling bad for both the gabroo and the ajeeb.

this time i finally thought i understood why they created the asr birthday gone sour story... so we could see them in a rather lovely moment of making up. where a key thing about lovers is said out simply.

i don't feel good at all when we fight, muttered khushi, holding him tight and pouting. he said he didn't like it either, beginning to look happy and at home at last. actually, that is so so true. when you love someone, no matter what they might or might not have done, any tiff or miff with them makes you feel out of sorts, uncentred, not at peace at all. till the whole thing is resolved, you're just not yourself. 

this simple needing of equanimity with each other is a lovely thing to portray. when we first fall in love, it's a feeling we can identify perhaps as a thing separate from what we feel in the other relationships we have, we can perhaps see its breadth and length and depth... it is a thing apart, even if extremely cherished and important. but as the emotion takes root, gets deeper and we live with it, somewhere along the way the one we love and that love seem to seep into us in a way that we can't clearly see it as a separate thing anymore. it becomes part of us, it gets coded in the dna of our emotions.

there's a funny sort of merging between two people... that is way more than sex or ceremony. there's a taking in of another person into your sense of identity... hard to explain, but if you've been in a long relationship, you'll know what i mean.

even the slightest little skirmish with the person becomes difficult to handle, it robs us of that feeling of well being, it makes us uncomfortable.

we don't feel good.

i watched the two of them getting snug and enjoyed that moment with them. 

but was a strange birthday story the only way to get there? i remembered being mystified by khushi's refusal to accept his birthday wishes, his gift, his party, even the flower. they were at a very difficult juncture in their relationship and up to a point i got her anger. but it was taken to an ungracious obdurateness... which is so not khushi.

this time too, they made khushi act almost heartlessly because he said he doesn't want fuss. i ask myself, could khushi have instructed everyone not to wish arnav ji... makes me want to run and make jalebis.

khushi would be crestfallen at his refusal to have any birthday celebrations. but she'd itch to make it happen somehow. i kept on thinking she would spring a party or something on him, especially when she fed him karela, sent off his client's gift of a cake, didn't wish him, generally acted weird.

just like asr, i thought, wonder what she's planning.

turns out: nothing. she even went and told the others to refrain from wishing him... and she said to him that he was to blame for everything, because she had so wanted to celebrate but he was set in his ways... she had changed herself so much.

i gawked. who has written this, is all i could think.

all he'd said was he would like to treat the day like any other day... no party and stuff.

and the writer confused me a lot with how the family behaved as well... first each and everyone pondered how arnav bitwa hates celebrating his birthday, how he is surly when wished, etc., and implored khushi not to do anything... annnyyything for his bday.

then they said it was because khushi had forbidden them they hadn't wished him.

then they all wished him... and nani ji said to him, he'd upset khushi.

all this confusing circuitous, jalebiesque (and i mean the sort of jalebis the gabroo jawan made) route to that sweet succumbing to love scene. nah, not impressed.

never saw the asr making jalebi sequence. firstly, he is not a cutesy guy to do such obvious cutesy things. secondly, if for whatever reason he decided to do it even, he would not be hamhanded and confused. he'd be cool, focused, precise, as he is when out to achieve something... and then when the jalebis turned out wrong, he'd call for some possibly. and if khushi found him in the kitchen with his not too nice jalebis, she'd be so tickled, she'd forget to be angry, and try them giving him expert advice, getting him a little irritated then... till he'd just pull her into his arms and whisper shut up, then command, wish me happy birthday, and she would.

and no, asr would never ever need advice from akash, who is actually turning out to be not at all a man who gets relationship, again thanks to writers and channel, and the general lack of interest shown toward ipk by its producers these days.

anyway, mami is speaking in bootiphool englissiya, all must be right with the world. even if a pesky kid has walked in and a tale is about to start which is anything but sheetal as in cool. 

was surprised that kkgsr felt nothing, no dhakdhak, as she measured the chhaati, bazoo, and kandhe of her handsome young man, i presume gabroo jawan means something akin to that. but oooh, i loved the air hug by the lover boy, his very dilli amriki "come 'ere now," or whatever it is he said as he reached out to pull her into his arms. that rom and com in it that is asr khushi, just them. you want to laugh, you want to sigh, you grin in a silly way and all the discomfort tiredness anger ire difficulties of the day disappear, as you are beamed right up to another planet. 



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