Thursday, 28 April 2016

episode 366 seat belt

the situation was even worse than what was transpiring in the black car. there at least someone, in fact the heroine herself, was at the wheel, but the episode had no one steering, even by remote. the accelerator break and clutch of ipk had been forgotten and we careened off, swerving this way and that toward what no one exactly knew.

maybe this was a leap into the dark the creators took with a lusty call of "hey devi maiyya, raksha karna!" for certainly, no one had even the faintest clue that this was an episode of iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? which was watched by besotted fans across the world, perhaps even the universe. and no matter how bad your creative black out, you must not show the heroine, the sanka devi of all star systems, beat up kidnappers with bottle gourd and drumsticks.

it's just one of those things you must never do.

and one thing you might want to do, is ask yourself, which show exactly am i writing for, before you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard or hand to driving wheel or whatever.

as the episode grew excruciating, i looked toward asr for help, since sanka devi is now in an alien abduction situation (by the way, is ipk sworn to kidnap or something? now new track also must be introduced using the good old device).

he was looking good, but the poor man had such a bland and pointless screenplay today. smile in brown suit, brown shirt, brown tie... frown in brown suit... look indulgently at khushi in brown suit, give signature smirk in the same. go off to work in brown suit. reappear driving car but now for some unfathomable reason in blue shirt and black waistcoat, no tie...


drive, swear, curse, frown, look worried, speak through gritted teeth and keep worrying about khushi.

frown, smirk, suit, worry for khushi... ah that should keep the viewers happy. how predictable we have become, haven't we.

anyway, i kept staring at the man and hoping something good would come of it.

that's when it suddenly struck me. three little letters.


yeah, asr was driving an suv. i almost leapt with joy. then i thought, but that doesn't look like his suv. have they got anew one?

so i went to check. and what i found had me grinning away. the suv has a double, maybe a triple... or more.

the ph had mindfully fixed a delhi number plate to the gaddi of the delhi tycoon of the amriki dilli accent. but even that kept changing. taking the penchant for doubles to the next level, one of the number plates, dl 04 ef 1001, had several versions.

as i searched and found the suv in different episodes, the number changed, the car changed... guess i was watching the owner of the white vehicle so "itni kareeb se," i forgot to notice what was going on with his trusted steed.

this was funny. and just for this joy ride, i must thank the unbelievably strange episode 366.

aarav and sheetal are here. there's no escape i suppose. might as well stare into brown eyes and count suvs.

one can do a quiz on the cars and their number plates, i am thinking. LOL and here's the familiar establishing shot at rm, i think it's the same car that's there in the scooter accident scene, episode 14... 



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