Thursday, 7 April 2016

episode 362 man in black

"this one killed me. last few days have had many heart, head, even gut moments with this man. but when he glided in in that smooth black shirt snug around his long slim back, i was wha!!!, no idea which part of me responded but chhap gaya hai kahin, don't think will ever forget."

LOL a memory from crooner... a man in shirtsleeves. i sort of suddenly understood why that words exists.

as he walked into frame, absorbed in his sleeve rolling and getting ready, i felt my brain empty out. what had happened before this, huh?

then came the totally silly but i can keep watching exchange between shirtsleeves man and doby girl. nothing made sense, i knew asr would likely not be a derby going sort, but i didn't care. this was that chemistry we keep talking about. 

barun sobti and sanaya irani have this flowing, perfectly in sync, always in rhythm thing about them... and how they bring romance back into even the most drabbest of days... or episodes.

i laughed at her antics. went slightly crazy watching his reactions. did you see the bright fresh red dhaga on his wrist? barun in slim fit black takes you to a higher plane. really.

the episode otherwise did nothing for me, other than irritate me perhaps.

"aaj hume samajh me aya ki parivaar aur apno ka matlab kya hota hai..." today i realised what family and one's own mean... said anjali. who talks in that stilted language. and what was the rush to wrap it all up like that? if asr just accepting khushi's amma without going into the woh aurat issues at all was weird, this was no less bizarre. this is shyam ji, her yeh bhi na... for more than three years she has been immersed in him, she can't do without him.

now she knows his truth.

but is it so simple to just get him out of her life, her thoughts, everything? first the burning of things. which brings me to a stranger thing, everything shyam owned fitted into one tiny suitcase. huh again.

then that hurried apology session in asr's room. i felt everything was careening as if another story had to be reached.

daljeet does have a wonderful tragic air about her. instead of her pedestrian dialogues if only something more meaningful had been devised. i did miss babu ji for a moment when she said her very pat line on dil ke rishtey, the ties of the heart being bigger than blood. episode three... the pristine beauty of that time. and won't we ever see him recover?

i feel for sanaya. a completely new achhi bahu has to be created. her whole demeanour has changed. i wonder if sanaya enjoyed herself doing these episodes.

it was perhaps easiest for barun, because the basic note of his and di's relationship had remained unchanged. they were both very comfortable with each other and the bro-sis dynamics.

okay, that whole movie thing was really and truly pretty bad. after doing days of achhi bahuness, now creatives have decided it's time for cute khushiness... and so a whole lot of most uncreative ideas come at us.

speaking of achhi bahus, the buri bahu my mano had her moment, "eggjiting bithout mami!!! hello hi bye bye." LOL

what has exited without any trace of it ever being there is khushi's awareness of arnav ji. where has it gone really? or has he turned into an inanimate object? she touches him, pats him, hugs him like they are buddies at pitthoo or something.

who has told television that achhi bahus don't have desire, can't feel sexual attraction and post marriage husband becomes just a thing?

anyway, thing or man, in black shirtsleeves, he is worth emptying one's brains out for.

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