Thursday, 28 April 2016

episode 372 the hypnotist and the sorcerer

"par hum toh room mein bhi akele hi the..."
but we were alone in the room as well.

"pyaar... bharosa."
love... trust.

"rishta... pucca."
relationship... permanent.

perhaps hypnosis was ardently hoped for by writers and creators. not so that arnav ji would spill the beans and tell khushi all, but so that we'd go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep forever and not remember a single thing about the show we love.

love indeed is trust. exactly as asr said. and that trust of the viewer who loved with an intensity the man in white would have understood, was being badly trampled on right now.

so khushi now listens to what kamlesh khabri ji's body double has said and sets out to vashikaran her husband with some aankhon aankhon mein and hypnosis. though why she played the word association game before that i have no idea... oh sorry... writer wanted poignant sweet stuff about love thrown in before completely disregarding that thing itself.

once khushi had listened to kamlesh kahbri ji and rushed off to kill herself. so now i understand, whenever creatives haven't a clue where to go, they call kk ji and he comes and solves everything.


maybe he will tell me too what to do when my fave show gets ruined.

didn't enjoy the dopey khushi mesmerising husband scene at all. except for that love in a man's eyes... the tease in his "
tumhe bhi toh pasand hai... tum bhi toh khoobsurat ho..."

you also like it... you too are beautiful.

i kind of like khushi. a lot. so when you turn her into a silly creature just so that you can find your way through the story in the dark mainly because you have switched off the lights yourself... it bothers the h out of me.

and no i am not so hypnotized that i have forgotten asr grew up in lucknow, so couldn't have been going to school in delhi for ten years. unless, after shifting here at the age of fourteen, he stayed on in school till he was twenty four... the shatir one who couldn't pass his exams. but then how would that make him successful harvard returned business man at 26? or was he 26/49/35/53 years old really.

sorry, i forgot, he makes swimming pools fly, he makes saree pallus slip off, he is the sorcerer.

not difficult for him to be in lucknow and study in delhi.

so tell me, writer ji, producer ji, director ji, what word do you associate with with audience...

audience... buddhu.

i watched the episode feeling more and more horrified. and aching somewhere that i can never really pinpoint.

that whole new too cute thing that has entered ipk, everyone is smiling all the time. and the foolishness is reaching dangerous levels. that entire school admission sequence with khushi acting like a mad person and a principal addressing the two women as mrs raizada and mrs sheetal had me wishing i was indeed in a state of hypnosis.

mrs sheetal? an educated person, and i am hoping the principal is that, would say that?

and she not only remembers asr, she also thinks aarav is his son?

when the peon appeared i didn't in the least suspect what was to assault us and khushi soon.

madhura naik, who plays sheetal, is a strange looking girl, something eternally shifty about her... her eyes never rest on anything, they slide around swimmily, while her body language is all weird.

really, asr, couldn't you find someone a bit more real to "see."

and why is he suddenly landing up at the school, smiling all the time, being cute with the boy?

i am feeling dizzy.

now mami ji is talking about switched babies. huh? and nk, who is smitten with sheetal in another googly, is talking of dna tests.

did khushi just think of doing that to find out...

right at the top of the episode, asr had asked, where are you taking me khushi? she had covered his eyes, he went because he trusted her.

just as i did, because i trusted my storytellers. maybe they have switched the storytellers. there's only one way to find out... pull out some hair.

(and while this is really not the time to be noticing such things, because the issues stymying the show are really large ones, but i must say it... why is khushi suddenly thinking of asr as asr? she never calls him that. he is always arnav ji... or laad governor... or rakshas... or whatever... but never asr. la calls him asr.)


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