Friday, 1 April 2016

episode 358 a little relaxing with mr raizada

two scenes touched me. both were about asr and his dil... the two women he loved, his two most important people. in one he tried to comfort the girl he had fallen in love with without even realising and in the other he ached as he watched his sister smiling away at the thought of the man she loved, no idea of his betrayal... and asr wondered how he'd bring himself to break her heart. tell her the truth.

i tried not to think of the rest of the episode... no one was really concerned with a thinking viewer any more.

i was happy though, when in the middle of a melodramatic scene where shyam rants about being given medicine that's given to abort a child, nani suddenly turned and looked at him sternly and asked, "par damad ji, bachhe girane wali dawai ke bare maa, aap itna sab jaanat kaisan hai?"

but, damad ji, how did you know so much about a medicine to abort a child?

i have no idea why, but nani ji was not turned into a ridiculous figure as many of the characters were, like poor akash and payal. nk had now become permanent fixture and no one could care less that a member of the family, mama ji, had disappeared. so had the pet of the parivaar.



television's obsession with this word and that for tradition, parampara gets to me.

khushi uses parivaar again and again while assuring asr (nowadays it looks like the poor man is just incapable of any sound thinking) that while di will hurt a lot, she will have the p...... to take care of her.

who talks like that.

hitesh kewaliya is a fine dialogue writer, i can't imagine he wrote all that heavy unreal sounding stuff. he is the creator of o hail hello hi bye bye... he'd have written the whole thing in more natural idiomatic language.

khushi, my dear sweet sanka devi's language is now kidnapped and replaced with tv soap language. where women are not women, we are saviours, we are devis, we are the keepers of parivar and we always have a placid calm voice, we know everything and we smile with a devi liek air, not quite human are we. samjhi?

of course, asr isn't the only one who is constantly in need of the wisdom of khushi... there's shyam. the one we keep hearing is very clever, who is behaving like a thing called brain was never anywhere near him. seems as he turns away to go to the loo, khushi can charge into the room and switch medicine bottles, he'd sense nothing. and then of course, khushi knows he'll rush out of the room after the great discovery and so nanhe ji is strategically nearby, ready to dash in and do another switch. just in case we didn't get the picture, nk in tv theatrics vein is made to show khushi the bottle surreptitiously and khushi instantly wears a knowing smile. why, dear creatives, did you do this to the most delightful heroine on television in the longest time? 

anyway, it was a day of strange feelings. and when his wife refused to let him go to work, concocting a tale involving lots of food, a saree, and uncharacteristic mushiness from asr (the supreme sadoo) to explain her strange behaviour to the p......, our man decided to do something totally sweet.

and be that romantic guy khushi had just spoken of. playful writing. and i really don't know of too many actors who can behave like a complete sadoo, then like a total lover boy and be perfectly convincing as both... in fact, no matter how hateful he is, you can't hate him and however impossibly sweet he is, the thrill of his nastiness never quite leaves your mind.

he set up a splendid getaway to food and happiness in their bedroom, just to make her relax. he even spent a whole hour getting her a saree. i loved the tenderness of the scene, and despite plastic flowers, the feel, the lighting, the texture. 


later as his sister giggled and preened and showed off the muffler she had knitted for her shyam ji who gave her so much (yeah, like lies, adultery, miscarriage and swiping of her money), arnav singh raizada watched with that love he has for her in his eyes, his voice, his whole being... 

"khushi, kal jab di ko sacchai pata chalegi toh kya hoga," khushi, what'll happen tomorrow when di gets to know the truth, he asked. a younger brother who had always been his elder sister's protector, who couldn't bear to think of her in pain, who knew she lived with a man who had not only cheated on her but done much worse. the rage and roil of emotion in him was palpable.

and at last, he resolved to do what had to be done. the man who had told khushi, he'd make sure she accepted him as her pati, her husband... main manwaoonga, i'll make you accept... ever the karta, the doer... he said now, "hoga... shyam ka jhoot kal sabke saamne aayega... main laoonga!"

it'll happen... shyam's falsehood will be brought out before everyone... i'll do it.

this was perhaps my most breathless moment in the episode. a man striding in. a man who takes charge, commands. what if he also loves to distraction?


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