Friday, 19 May 2017

a deal and its maker

everything will go the way arnav singh raizada wants it to go. when i met him first, he'd come to make a deal, and he'd made sure "sab kuch" had gone the way he'd planned it... there was a game in that deal too. one worked out ruthlessly by his dimaag. 

after a long time a sense of that deal making, that game, and that rampant desire to win again... this time it's all coming from his dil, his dimaag is still as sharp and focused on the prize, but now there's a smile in it, albeit a devilish one.

why did this episode's asr remind me so much of the asr of 6 june? like he'd come back, only now having met love... love that was determined that its aim, its nishana, wouldn't miss. an almost defeated "shayad" asr walked out... was that what triggered in him a return to who he essentially was? unfamiliar surely that feeling of not being in command of a situation. even during kidnap, he had to be the one in charge, no matter that he was bound, gagged, being beaten. but here she almost had him beaten... what ailed her? why couldn't he reach her... yet the moment he realised what it was, it was as though asr receded and waiting in him surged right back. 

thrilling to watch him ever since he shut that door behind him in his room, thought about things and then donned black to take on his girl... and no doubt it excited him to see her in red, the girl he'd felt funny things for when she'd worn that colour and he'd heard something in the air, felt something in his gut... 

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