Monday, 22 May 2017

about a show and that name

"to thine ownself be true, and it must follow, as the night the day..." polonius to laertes, act 1 scene 3, hamlet. read that in grade 7 it was i think, quoted above a short story. got stuck in my head. it's really about that when it comes to a television show i fell in love with a while ago and which changed my life, took me all the way to writing. i can tell you that is no mean destination.

iss pyaar ko is many things to many people, and each relationship is valid, unique, true. for me, there is only one ipk, only one asr, one kkg, one raanisahiba, one nani ji, one mami ji (sigh, my hello hi bye bye), one lakshmi ji... and one jodi that makes me sit up and watch television in the middle of the night. this will not change. you can name anything anything... names can be repeated, reused, recycled, emotions really can't, those given are given, those felt are felt. those owned are forever yours, yes i am talking of hamesha.

i wish the new show well, mainly because i will always wish barun well. it's quite clear the show could have been named something else, but it wasn't. maybe people have issues to work out, maybe it's the right thing to do. i wouldn't know.

i will most likely not be watching the show. gul khan's shows are anyway not targeted at me. i found tanhaiyan tiring and flat. but i can understand why it's loved by many. it was funny, a journalist friend of mine who had told me barun was a terrible actor and so wooden in iss pyaar ko, said, oh barun was so good in tanhaiyan, seems like he's at last found himself. i thought i'd argue at length, then, just winked to myself and resigned the duel. barun after all, he'll get you at some point. teehee.

i hope all of you who are watching have a great time. and i'll be loopily staring at my one and only khadoos and jhalli and gang, just being true to my pagal self.

ps: a tv show that makes you remember shakespeare, iss pyaar ko...

my facebook post on 23 may 2017, as the controversy around ipkknd 3 raged. fans upset with the name and sanaya not being part of the show. gul khan abusing fans on instagram, star plus of course, impervious to it all. what else can be expected of a channel anyway. interesting to see how social media and this idea of interactive is affecting things; you may not wish to hear what fans have to say, you may just wish to manipulate people via this digital space as you have before in non-interactive scenarios, but it may not be quite as simple as you think. it was thanks to this space and our sustained resistance to asr being killed off or replaced, back in 2012, that star plus was forced to close the show. give fans the happy ending they kept calling and asking for. will be watching keenly to see what happens this time. i am intrigued by the involvement with a show from all over the world, there are indonesian and turkish and american fans protesting. five years after a show is over, it's still clearly not over.

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