Thursday, 18 May 2017

nahin jee paoonga

maybe because it's impossible to live without you, we had to bring you back, asr. says something about you, a tv soap hero even though you are, and the acting of one actor, even if he was once such a convenient scapegoat. yeah, this is an acknowledgement by all those who never remembered to do that. pity though, for really, there is just one asr and he can't live without you know who.

ipkknd 3, as it's being called, is set to be telecast from end may beginning june 2017 on star plus. straight after ipl. barun sobti as advay singh raizada, shivani tomar opposite him, shooting has started: in kerala and bombay, there are tweets from raj baddhan, lots of coverage on all entertainment mags, excitement among many fans. a "profound sadness" to use my dear friend kizh's words, in many of us. as asr said, the one who has the money, has the power. looks like all of it. wish the show well. most probably won't watch it.

episode 316 the circles of phere


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