Saturday, 20 May 2017

to that aane doh... episode 323

aane doh.

and see me 

adorn my lover 

with the rampant

beat in my heart

with the flagrant

gift of desire

with triumphant

exulting love

he had put a ring made of gauze on her finger long ago, and now a ring of gold he'd made her wear. surely, this needed to be sealed with a kiss. he took her to the poolside, that's the rasam, after all.

aane do.

no matter 
what comes

or goes

or passes by 
without even a look at us

i'll be yours

here in this moment still

and always forever

her lips said what if, but, someone may come. her eyes said, won't you... won't you please... kiss me. how could he say no

aane do.

let it come...

and come what may

i'll be there

he held her hand and dragged her to the poolside, and today it took them no time to reach the wall where, no need to fight the feelings, no need to draw away. she trembled, he fell in love all over again.


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