Tuesday, 23 May 2017

randomly from 106 dhakdhak dhakdhak


now funny, now intense, dhakdhak to a clenching of abdominal muscles, 106 screamed love while two people not quite ready to hear the call decided this was a strange situation... that could be tackled. the what rubbish route was adopted by one and talking to dm, saying i'll go mad was the choice of the other. in the middle of that nimbu mirchi and talk of evil eye while a villain planed on. maybe that evil eye cutter of di's did end up saving them both.


intensely had the senses longed, awareness had cut through and settled in the heart the inner cavities, thoughts kept straying to one, just one person. a connection in another space, a touch of each other always. matter of time before everything overflowed and the dam burst and there was actual physical contact. touch, sound, smell, taste... that table had to wobble with the impact of exploding attraction.


the wind rose and carried messages. she knew he was here. he felt her knowing, beautiful editing and play with speed of motion, a little soft focus, magic storytelling of ipk. like in bersarai, now in shantivan, whispering winds carried tales.



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