Saturday, 20 May 2017

a sense of asr

while the end sequence with asr in black dazzled and turned my brain to mush, this sequence, this moment, the quiet ponder in the dark, in the seclusion of his room, a room feeling curiously bereft, asr realising, connecting, feeling, assessing, planning and particularly this shot, was beautiful, played in me.

this is asr as he is. no mask, no public face. just who he is.

sort of reminded me of the man standing in the rain talking to himself in episode 24. sahi and galat he had pondered vis a vis this girl and sworn arnav singh raizada ko kissi ladki se koi faraq nahin padta. then he'd encountered faraq and done several things vis a vis that... some sahi, some galat... and today he faces that squarely... but this time he knows he is bidding for much more than right and wrong, he is prizing hamesha out of the grip of twelve days and an end.

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