Saturday, 20 May 2017

missing asr, missing barun.

feeling nostalgic. remembering things. feelings, scenes, losing oneself. being happy with a simple serial. just found this bit i wrote on rima's thread "why are they doing this to barun" on 21/22 april 2012.

wanted to share it. no real reason, just like that, with everyone who loved barun, sanaya, rabba vey, all that's ipk. please feel free to leave your memories and nostalgia here, if you're up to it.

it's been harrowing days for most of us.

and barun, sanaya, cast.

here's to fine actors and the magic they weave.

my post of 21/22 april

i abs agree.

this guy doesn't need to strip. or show muscle. or even work at looking good to be breathtaking. he is rare. hope he knows this.

an extract from a letter i just wrote to my niece, also a big fan:
"today i particularly liked that sleeping on the same bed sequence. again hints of an actor with the potential to be great. sanaya very good too. both without a single word.
yes, he looked a dish, but i prefer him always when not much effort is made to make him look gorgeous, in fact when the hair does not flop, when the naughty boy look is just under the surface, when his eyes draw you in so you forget to notice how badly matched his clothes are, when he is so into being asr that he forgets to look good, that's when i say uff and clutch pillows to my heart."

from india-forums, written november 2012, in just three weeks iss pyaar ko would end. we were still hoping it wouldn't, that all would be well.

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