Wednesday, 17 May 2017

do lafz and all those edits

a fairly ordinary hindi movie song, a difficult to suspend disbelief scenario (even if a competition for sangeet one can imagine, that whole set up... the partner doesn't turn up, so a tycoon who yells and does not dance, suddenly not only steps in to help the damsel in distress but is also on point, not a step or tug not on cue or clumsy), mysteriously changing jackets, but who cares. the lights have gone dim, a girl with unusually long (and false) eyelashes has looked up and there's a man the spotlight has just picked up. he wears a black shirt and waistcoat. i am swallowing hard.

teri meri yours and mine
meri teri mine and yours
prem kahaani hai mushkil
our love story is difficult
do lafzon mein in a couple of words
yeh bayaan na ho paaye
it can't be told




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