Saturday, 20 May 2017

from crooner breathless

who could be expected to write cogently today after seeing what we have seen.

i am all over the place. a voice is blowing through me. a trembling lip caresses my eyes. what's that rush of wind and that distant song that plays? long distance, extreme close up, utterly scraggly and worn out "i love you."

is there any other way to say those words.

again and again and again barun shows his mettle as an actor. does even he know how good he is?
method acting from a lad who was minding phone calls till just a couple of years ago. who said the book he'd perused as a youngster was mainly his dad's cheque book. a 28 year old whose interviews never go right, right but not "right right". a serial actor who is handed the script piece meal, day upon day with no real plan as to where it's all headed. no ready film script here, no complete, edited, perfected play. a daily soap.

bless you, barun sobti.

and yes, sanaya irani. for close to 10 days now you've carried this show. she is a spunky one, isn't she? she knows who everyone is really devoted to, that the main audience of a daily tv romance isn't made up of men waiting to fall in love with love. yet, she's never phased. in fact. she gives her work and her co-star her utter best, straight from the heart, from the purest place of instinct and she shines. inviting all around her to shine as well. marvelous.

gosh that silent entreaty through inanimate phones and airwaves. one hand presses the receiver close to the ear, "khushi!" and an expression flits, a tear forms, the other hand comes up and cradles the phone closer. the tear rolls (the order of events is a mental recall, may be a bit off. sorry). she never says a word, yet she's saying so much to him. and he can hear every word.

god who wrote this scene. who directed it. who set the music. who edited. who counted the seconds. who said let the wind blow.

may i fall at your feet.

anjali returned in full force today. the milk crashed to the floor, and it was as though she reached right in and found the di that is viscerally attached to her chotte. children of the same mother.

yeah, looks like a kidnap (i never saw the precap as i caught the second telecast) and looks like snakewa is the creep. alas even all that lifebuoy couldn't wash the filth off him. oh oh oh. out, damned spot, out!


kidnap episodes
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wrote this on crooner soon after watching the episode. one of my earliest posts on the forum. i still recall my state when i first saw this scene. there was a lot of hope about the story and characters at that point... things didn't go the way we thought they might. but the feelings about the performance remain just that, in fact, every day i get hit by it some more.


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