Sunday, 31 December 2017

the boss and the nutcase

gahahhah, khushi and her food love. sanaya never let her get cheesy, i dislike cutesie girls, but i couldn't get mad at khushi. there was an innocence and a fire in her; and that appetite. even for swearing and cursing: the man got called many names today: teen naam wala rakshas (the monster with three names), laad governor, kadva karela (bitter bitter gourd), she was too cute when she referred to her nasty boss, that "sir".

episode 25 atishoo

teen naam wala rakshas in the meanwhile, seemed absolutely desperate for her "bakwaas"... said with a nasty snarl, of course. and if you're watching 25, do not under any circumstances miss the glissading, glancing, truly mean look on kadva karela's face when he glowers her into a state of confusion, and she tells nani ji, she'd better leave, she won't have breakfast. oh, the joy of victory, esp while looking lethal in brown.



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