Sunday, 30 August 2015

episode 15 under the desk

one afternoon at ar, in the midst of bitchy ragging by pam and sim, and interesting tip giving by manju ji, with lovely play of words and tongue in cheek story telling by hitesh kevaliya, ved raj, and director ji, after a good round of pizza, poori, and advice to please the pati in the sasural, suddenly a change in the air...

ufff the tension of this pause. does he sense her? or is it just his phone buzzing?

episode 15

what the...

did he just say his first proper "what the"? held my gut and yanked it i swear. has there ever been such a breathstopping stalking and meeting before? never, that i have seen. :)

what a chance to ponder all the points of ipk, slowly, at leisure. as i watched and paused and shift/command 4-ed and cropped i could feel my inhale caught. waiting for the next second. extreme craft by all creatives in this sequence. what say?

sexual, compelling, and then suddenly cute and irresistible. only here this heady mix. and in this scene a fantastic exposition of this essential ipk signature. just look at her...

who can remain immune to this?
even if they tried very very hard, as someone did.

yet before he can do anything, an involuntary swallow, and the memories rush in. one... two... three... four meetings, one after the other, out of nowhere, two people whose paths are not supposed to cross. ever.

first in lucknow, then delhi, as though they just couldn't stay away from each other. but how could that be?

and now, here, in his office. what's going on? 

tum? what are you doing in my cabin?

your cabin?!! this is... and she connects the dots.


arnav singh raizada.

delightful and mesmerising at once. can see this interlude again and again.

in this episode, an interesting thing about shyam. even prior to meeting khushi, he would stay away for days. and his besotted wife would pray for him. shyam's story was meant to be much deeper and well tied to the backstory of asr and anjali. sheesh mahal. once upon a time when ipk was being told with love and care.

speaking of love, i am falling deeper and deeper in lau with manorama sweetie pie. "diamondwa bheje hain ki chinti ka paon." has he sent a diamond or an ant's leg? "humka kya maloom ki oo anjali pyaar mein emossanal hoke roye rahi hai." what did i know that anjali got all emotional with lobve and cried.
despite her obvious crassness, glimpses of a vulnerable woman who was once serbhaant but is now raizada bahu. her insecurities, her genuine pain at sasuma's deadly barbs (must say naniji is not sparing of her bahu at this point, later we will see her indulgent air hidden behind the ire), her love for all the raizada kids are touching. then she goes and lies about lakshmi and is back to hello hi bye bye.

such good actors all. and again in 20 odd minutes i've laughed, felt bad, thought, floated away, and had major dhak dhak. wonderful.

sorry for the fuzzy pics, just did a quick set of caps and was so ready to write, went ahead. hope you enjoyed... do leave your thoughts and let's chat.


  1. In love with your blog, thank you for writing. It is beautiful how you catch even the smallest of meanings in every scene. You have an amazing expression and it makes reading about every episode even more delightful.

  2. thank you so much. so glad you enjoy browsing and like the writing. :)