Sunday, 27 March 2016

bairiyaa... enemy mine : a vm

this is the second vm i made if i am not wrong. when i started watching ipk, i had no idea what a vm was.

heard this song by chance. of course instantly fell for the words and thought of asr khushi, i liked the smooth pace and the dreamy singing. taking that as a sign, but of course, i started making the video, not quite sure what story it would tell. then it went smoothly to the end.

hope you enjoy it. my other favourite voice, atif aslam, who i think perfectly matches the feel and mood and time-spirit and "hit" of barun is here. the words feel so right.

i could not have made a single vm without the astonishing and immense kindness of katelyn. and
if wiwy hadn't started the trend on our blast from the past thread, if supriya hadn't given me lessons on editing... maybe someday we'll look at what all we really did get thanks to a good looking man, a crazy love story, and a rather beautiful girl.

the song is from a movie called ramaiya vastavaiya, i haven't seen it. but was very pleasantly surprised to read that a woman has written it... her name is priya panchal. shreya ghoshal and atif aslam sing, music is by sachin jigar. i am pretty unfamiliar with these names, other than the singers'.

this copyright thing bothers me... i do hope this is not considered uh huh in any way... because it is not meant to be.

it's hard to translate the song because there's an emotion in it that needs to be felt. bairiyaa could translate to enemy and yet, it has a sense and a "love," the smell of earth and skin in it, and a non urban texture, a "reach" emotionally which enemy just doesn't have...

re baandhe
ties me

aise mohe baandhe
ties me in such a way

haan mohe baandhe wo nainon ki dor se
yes, he ties me with the tie of his eyes

hai yeh pyaar kaisa
what sort of love is this

is kaa raaz hai kya bol de
tell me what is its secret

keh bhi de...
do tell me...

kabhi sakun, kabhi laage bala hai
feels like peace at times, at times a problem this

kabhi duaa, kabhi laage halaa hai
at times a blessing, at times poison it seems like

nainon se ye kya ho chala hai
what's going on with these eyes

bariyaa ho bairiyaa mujhe sataa na bairiya
enemy, o my enemy, don't trouble me, o enemy

kaisi yeh peer jo raatein jaage
what is this pain that keeps me up at night

taaron ko chhantey re
and makes me count the stars

kaisi yeh peer jo raatein jaage
how is this pain that stays awake through nights

raatein jaage aur taaron ko chhaante re
stays awake and counts the stars

palkon ki dibiyon mein rehte
in the little boxes of eyelids

khwaab hai udne ko kehte
there is a dream that asks me to fly

haathon se chhuta chhuta chala hai jiya
my heart has slipped out of my hand

o enemy

bairiyaa o bairiyaa mujhe sataa na bairiya
enemy, o enemy do not trouble me, o enemy

udne lagi hai khamoshi se baaton ki parchiyaan
shadows of words have begun to fly silently

udne lagi hai khamoshi se khamoshi se baaton ki parchhiyaan
shadows of words have begun to fly silently, in silence

hone lagi aadhi aadhay aankhon se hi kai baatein
many incomplete conversations do eyes make

sansein jalaaye ishq ki sardiyaan bairiyaa...
the breath is burnt by the winter/shivers of love, o enemy

bairiyaa o bairiyaa mujhe sata na bairiya
enemy, o enemy, do not trouble me, o enemy

bairiyaa o bairiyaa mujhe sata na bairiya
enemy, o enemy, do not trouble me, o enemy

kabhi duaa kabhi kabhi hala
at times blessing, at times poison

bairiyaa o bairiyaa bairiyaa...
enemy, o enemy...

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