Saturday, 19 September 2015

asr khushi la and a story

episode 100

a thought.

an old hindi song kept playing in my head. "ek pyaar ka nagma hai... maujon ki rawani hai... zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahin... teri meri kahani hai..." really life is nothing but a story of you and me, of asr and khushi, of feelings that rise and rush and leap and plunge and come back to make us richer, make us feel and cherish the beauty of life.

a man with a girl friend that lives in his house is helpless before the onslaught of such feelings. we don't judge him. even the girl he holds and communicates with another doesn't judge him... something beautiful in this maujon ki rawani, this splurge of waves.

sabrina (a dear friend who is also, of course, nuts about ipkknd) chatted about this and said that about fifty episodes down he will yell at her and say do you think whatever i do it's because of you. it actually is, for the longest time, in fact. he does everything because of her, even gets la home, thinks of her while la is fixing his tie, etc.

i wrote in reply:

right you are, sabrina, the whole move to get la home is somewhere to fight these funny thoughts he has about a ladki. but he did fight valiantly for his sanity, his world... too bad, lau had appeared, big oaf had to submit. la i guess needed to believe what she desperately wanted to... said as much later... she did notice things but never wanted to let them add up... till she had to. i thought that la asr khushi story had something rather booful and real and totally adult about it. grown up... while shyam was the villain a serial demanded, and all that let's close loops kind of linear story telling happened, very interesting but a little done up... on the side a seriously plausible man woman story got told. there was that hint of physical craving in it too and the element of unpredictability that seems to be part of existence. he had a thing for la... her first appearance and his lazy, slightly possessive totally sure of himself perusal said as much, one of the very few people allowed to waste 10 mins of the arrogant so and so... but then arrived pompom rani and with each jhatka of the furry stuff, our tycoon was thrown asunder adrift, bachaaao... you think i do everything for you ha ha ha ha.

and the more i think i feel this story of la asr khushi didn't get the attention it deserved, we got so lost in shyam the unsubtle. here is something rather lovely and i can get it. never has indian tv or even cinema i think shown this thing and in such a cool way.

yeah, it was really cool. and sort of exciting. totally believable.


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