Friday, 11 September 2015

episode 202 look into my eyes

"the soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter - in the eye."
~~~ charlotte bronte, jane eyre ~~~

she will ask him again and again about the chot, the hurt. he will refuse to answer. a curious episode, nothing much sticks, but there is that thing between a man and a woman coming through.

and not just any man and any woman, but arnav singh raizada and khushi kumari gupta.

when she walks into their room, peering in with a slightly sanka air, that freaking out at the sight of him with shears.. that toing toing thing is in, music is all comic and funny. yet doesn't feel odd, because this is khushi and she is a certain way. perhaps she needs to feel light and a little nutty to gather her strength, to feel like all is well, because she is feeling like herself.

he is angry, threatening, yet suddenly out of nowhere a terrible hurt would register in his eyes then go away as he calls up his anger to help him through this chot, this chaos in their lives.

then they'd turn to each other, both holding on to their personalities and again something would trigger the man woman thing, so much in his eyes, in hers too, neither can walk away from the other. a palpable attraction, and sense of belonging. i can shout at you and i can really really hurt you. because i have every right to, and so do i. you won't tell me? okay, then i'll go away... you wouldn't dare. wouldn't i? and if i go away, will you come looking for me, i know you will that's why i am going can't you see? if you go away... oh you wouldn't dare... what! khushi kumari gupta... now i must concoct an elaborate plan to bring you back because though ostensibly i have married you to keep you out of shyam's reach and if you went home and i made sure you stayed away from shyam by threatening you that if you're anywhere near him i'll wreck your sister's life, it would work just fine... but you see what even i refuse to admit to myself is that is not the reason i married you, i married you to keep you right here, by me, for me, in me, just mine...

i will give you chot for you have given me the same. but if you're not there, how will i breathe... don't you know i can't breathe when you're not around?

you think i can? that's why i don't understand why you're doing this! why are you hurting me so!

mercurial changes of feeling, all recorded by actors with a thrilling hold on emoting.

"hey devi maiyya, inke haath mein toh hatyaar hai!" hey dm, he's got a weapon in his hands...

but, "tu dar mat khushi, aaj tujhe poochna hi hoga... poochna hi hoga ki woh kis chot ke baare mein baat kar rahe hain..." don't be scared, khushi, today you must ask, which hurt is he talking about.

she looks lovely in this saree. real. and the chot is still in thought. in plot.

she worries he may know of shyam. so khushi knows this would be a huge problem... maybe because she knows it's not right not to have told him? some part of her knows this, even if one may argue she didn't want to hurt him, after all, when she found out about shyam and accidentally banged into asr straight after, she really couldn't tell him anything because she was thinking of him more than anyone else. that was touching... but her subsequent action, maybe even she feels it's not quite right.

as she peers at him from behind the curtains, he senses someone's around and looks up, but goes back to his plants seeing no one. and a perfect back uff comes into view. i can't blame her for looking at it a moment longer than necessary.

"hume aap se baat karni hai!" the darti hai par karti hai girl declares she needs to talk to him.

eyes darken. jaw hardens. a snip with the shears, violent. she jumps.

he turns around... the shears between them. again a comic note, but somehow not out of place, indicative more of their extreme awareness of each other, especially his. he thinks she's a home wrecker, a loose woman, one who is going to bed with shyam and plans to end his sister's marriage. but, he can't hate her... kitni koshish ki maine... who could love such a woman, yet he couldn't do anything but love her. he so wanted to hate her, but that hate was also his love... how helpless before a feeling the strong brave arrogant asr. the shears are needed, because otherwise he might just bridge the distance and ravish her with kisses.

she crosses her arms.

"bataiye!" tell me.

"kya." what.

a pause, then...

"ke humne aapko kaisi chot pahunchai... kaun sa dukh diya?" what sort of pain did i give you, how have i hurt you. she needs to know.

he looks away. he can't talk about it. does it hurt too much? yes, it kills him each time.

he turns back to his plants. it hurts too much. violently prunes.

"ya toh hume saaf saaf bata dijiye ya phir apni baat wapas le lijiye," either you tell me clearly or take back this allegation. a little girl thing there, very kkg.

he pauses, his anger rages. asr returns, sexy man, not used to anyone trying to threaten him. he turns toward her, another deadly palat, "dhamki de rahi ho mujhe?' you threatening me?

instantly she's nervous as hell but tries to hold her own, again terribly kkg, "a..a.. haan... kuch aisa hi samajh lijiye." y..y..yes, you can take it as that.

and then charging into sanka, "aapke paas sirf do raste hain..." you have two alternatives.

too late, the man is in, slamming back hard, "main teesra rasta le raha hoon... mujhe tumhe kuch bhi batane ki koi zaroorat nahin hai..." i am taking the third route, don't have to tell you a thing.

so cute, he loves the girl, he can't hold on to that hate and anger constantly... suddenly they are equals and he is back to mean arrogant, she to sanka.

she insists he must tell her, rushing at him as he goes back to his pottering.

did you do all this because you think...?

a pause, tense, then he turns to look at her.

"kya? kya sochta hoon?" what. what do i think.

and she prevaricates, you think i am scared of you.

was he wanting to see if she'd trust him? tell him something? giving her a chance?

i am not scared of you, my sister is married and the daughter in law of this house, you can't harm her...

the chance is over.

now asr walks toward kkg, a threat in each step. she steps back and it's their little dance. everytime it's happened actually both have taken convulsive steps toward each other in a plane not visible, but certainly palpable.

he can harm her sister he assures her and we move to the mami and burnt kheer drama in the living room. post that, khushi is certain that akash will not let any harm come to jiji and so she returns to the man she must always return to.

man drinks coffee, works at laptop, in his cocoon.

she comes and slams the laptop shut.

"what the f..." oh he is angry.

"ek do aur baar what the kah dijiye," say what the a few more times! she snaps, ready for battle. after that you have to listen to me.

"how dare you! tumhari himmat kaise hui mere laptop band karne ki..." how did you have the temerity to slam my laptop! i love this.. so real. my hubs would say exactly the same. laptop and man have a special relationship, no woman dare desecrate it. hyuk.

she is livid, she can't take it any more, "yeh shadi ka tamasha, bahut sun liya..." this game of marriage, i've heard enough... i can't bear it.

his eyes shift as though that is one thing he can't bear himself...

and the shot from the back... no double. oh the ear, the shoulder. indi sighs.

"hum iss baare mein pehle bhi discussion kar chuke hain... tum kahin nahin jaa rahi ho. chhai mahine tak yahan, aise hi rahne wali ho..." we have discussed this before, you're going nowhere...

er, discussion? that's how asr "discusses" i guess. and you're going nowhere... the possessiveness is killing me.

"so stop the nonsense." say it again and again i want to yell.

she again asks about the chot.

he again looks away. hands fisting, a pain raging across his face, he can't talk about it. not to her. she was in another man's arms, he can't bear this, and he won't show his broken heart, he will show himmat and he will solve the problem. he will.

she raves, he stands turned away... i love this whole thing.

she says she's leaving, he can tell people whatever he likes...

at this he turns swiftly, leans forward and grabs her wrist. all his compulsions, his churning feelings, anger love madneess everything in his body language. 

he threatens her with dire consequences.

"aaj hum aapko dhamki de rahe hain, mr raizada, hum yeh shadi todkar jaa rahe hain," today i'm warning you, mr raizada, i am breaking this marriage and leaving... ah so it is a marriage, so how come on janmashtami it became a fake marriage, yes ms kkgsr, that still bothers me.

hot looks the lord of the manor, ah so his woman has a fight in her
and challenges him, this he's got to win.

"iss ghar ko chhorkar jaa rahe hain... aur aap hume rok nahin sakte," leaving this house, and you can't stop me.

oh the gentle mocking loving worshiping wanting smirk.

"tum nahin jaogi... tumme itni himmat nahin hai..." you won't go, you don't have the guts. you challenge her, is it because you want her to have the guts? want to play all those games with her? the man woman games, the ones that say one thing and mean something utterly different? the games no one deciphers, we just play... not every mystery need be unraveled. so much more fun that way.

she does an i'll show you... tension.. then while leaving, a master stroke, kkg bangs into the door.

this alternating between light heavy comic serious is so real at one level. especially since both are crazy about each other. khushi is too angry to think about it; and he not to.

he actually smiles as she leaves and it's almost a gentle smile. this girl touches him in places no one else does and even he can't deny it. though he thinks she's a harlot.

next morning, he wakes up suddenly... checks time... as he makes his way to the bathroom, he sees she isn't there at the poolside. i like the fact that madam wakes up after him... and neither he nor anyone else is concerned about it. she is not expected to be achhi bahu who gets up earlier, bathes, dons saree, makes tea for pati dev and wakes him up...

"khushi?" he wonders.

khushi kahan gayi? where's khushi gone.

no animosity, just looking for her. she's pulled a fast one and gone off, he's all dressed up looking hotwa, what else, but has anyone seen khushi? she's left.

the three women surround him... mami nani di... all his wellwishers, all want to see him happy.

"aap kahe khushi bitiya ko ghar bheje rahe..." why have you sent khushi bitiya home, enquires nani ji.

"what?!"  he can't believe what he hears. so she's actually dared to do it.

"khushi kumari gupta!" under the breath. the game is in round two... and both are looking dressed to kill.


~ just a  couple of other things... the mami payal thing is taking on alarmingly saas bahu overtones... and akash is  just plain disturbing. nk on the other hand brings something cool to the frame... khadoos mehmaan was funny, as was gingerly pulling up his shirt to cover his nose upon smelling burnt kheer. i find karan g a good actor, second time round noticing it even more. hope the guy gets a decent break... he seems to have range. i can quite see him in a romantic lead role too.

~ i admit, i got completely carried away by all things asr this episode... i wanted to cap practically every frame. i did almost. then somehow restrained myself and made only these few edits LOL... can't get high def, high res shots, am frustrated majorly. 


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