Thursday, 10 September 2015

muttering about acting

most actors figure out what there strongest features, expressions, mannerisms are and i am sure at a subconscious level that plays its part in the delineation of a character... even overtly as in with rajesh khanna and dev anand... so i am sure being the intelligent, thinking person barun is, he knows the power of his eyes, his turn of head, his "smirk" as it's called, his lithe very slim physique, yet, not even once does something feel like a favourite mannerism or look... everything just flows and becomes that character. when portraying "romantic" he sometimes frowns and gets these three horizontal lines on his forehead, i've seen it in his other shows as well, here he sort of worked on it to make it less prominent (that's what i think) and somehow it feels utterly natural... asr. not barun. even that smirk... never gets palling or feels practiced. in this shot, that sudden pause and a glint in the eyes... such intense eyes the man has... i bet if he were asked to do it for shravan, it would look just that little bit different so it was shravan and not asr. it would be a delight to see him do another completely different role. i am so grateful, there are no set, habitually used mannerisms to get the fans swooning... 

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