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episode 203 let's make hate

love making in the time of hate.
if i had to describe this episode in one line, that would be it.

there was intense sensuality and tension right through. i clearly sensed a foreplay go into engagement and all the way to climax. it was breath taking. it was beautiful. and it was barun and sanaya at their best. both instinctively reading the feelings between the lines, both young, energetic, in love, in anger, and absolutely in character.

she claims back her sanak. he shrugs on dapper jacket and is all asr.

they hate each other, because that's the only way at present to hold on to each other. so she riles him by lying and leaving home. the moment he hears she isn't around, on that "khushi kumari gupta" he's caught. he will go after her. just the way she'd planned... she'd wanted. oh her line later... i have made you majboor enough so that you had to marry me, such a sense of power in it.

i have no idea if the writer was deliberately delineating love making by two people who express their intense emotion through hate... or it turned out that way. whatever it was, it was exciting, and romantic, and intimate and beautiful.

maybe i should stop gushing. 

he is reprimanded by his nani and di and mami for sending her away. he is ordered to bring her back. the look in his eyes when he hears she's taken the challenge and walked off.

interestingly, nani is clear finally on one issue, he is to blame as much for the whole situation as she. nice. he really is. she far less so.

at gh, chana and ber girl is back. she is at the door demanding entry. bua ji is shocked. khushi clarifies,  "humpe sanak sawar hai," craziness is upon me. maybe that is exactly what she needs, her property, her trait, her sanak, herself... to think this through. resolve the whole matter.

"aap sab ko jawab chahiye na... mil jaayga. jab arnav singh raizada yahan khud aayenge..." you want answers? you'll get all the answers when asr himself comes here. so she knows he'll come... so she wants him to come.

he is here.

she says, you've come to answer our questions.

man is livid.
sanka devi is smiling.

oh the eye talk and you can almost feel them reaching, touching. an embrace of anger and a bit of mocking... held they are by each other.

... isn't this tango? 

the gaze is evident, the embrace your shallow breathing reports is here too.

her amma asks, "kya kahna chahte ho, bitwa?" what do you want to say, son? a little hope that this complete craziness will perhaps start to settle a bit. i can imagine everyone feeling unreal after that entry by the newly married man and woman.

he has come... she has managed that, but as he gets into the game, the natural player in him is aroused... he plays back. to win. winner takes all.

"khushi, mere liye ek cup chay nahin banaogi," khushi, won't you make me a cup of tea? sweet is the tone, the eyes roam her face, almost loving. the foreplay is starting, a little brush of fingers come to mind, or a smile that strays to the eyes suggesting things. definitely breath is slightly hitched.

he chases her into the kitchen. again the two in the kitchen, place of fire, food, appetite, hearth, basic instincts.

"ab jaldi se pi lijiye aur bahar jaake sab ko sab kuchh bata dijiye," she is triumphant and provocative, now drink the tea quickly and tell all. a little tease from her there. 

"shut up, khushi," he says with relish.

this is husband wife fight brewing in the kitchen.

he is not drinking tea, not telling anyone anything, now stop this bakwas,
"...aur mere saath ghar chalo."
and come home with me.

why is my heart pounding, what is the subtext here, that angry look, that insistence, that refusal to explain. 
the voice says all the things the nasty look tries to hide. mine you are mine, with me, in my home, that is where you stay, i have this right over you, i don't need to explain, you are mine, enough.

sanka is angry, clenches her jaw and advances aggressively with waving tea spoon... not scared, excited in fact, heat rises between the two.

he snatches the  tea spoon... sexy. oh this contact, a simple spoon, a cup of tea, all imbued with that sensual tension between the two, coming alive.

the i hate you love making has its own caresses and kisses.
"kissi aur bhasha mein samjhana padega kya?" do i have to explain to you in another language? he is not backing down.
is this a clue from the writer? it is another bhasha, dammit. that of nafrat... describing heady mohabbat. the next cut is interesting... we go straight to shyam and anjali, radha krishna prominently displayed in their room. the eternal lovers, their love making the basis of entire genres of writing, dancing, art, devotion, spirituality.

asr threatens her with dire consequences if she isn't back home soon and leaves... his in laws again perplexed by this miya biwi friction. but both need this fight so.

she calls akash desperately, she needs to gauge his level of commitment, make sure no matter what jiji will be fine.

and she rushes off to talk to jija ji.

at ar, the security guys stop her.

(apparently they have her picture on their phones... not to be let in. er, would asr let his security guards keep her picture on their personal phones? lightening the mood does not mean becoming cartoon like. the creators of pretty funny stuff till now seem to be fast abandoning this skill.)

no entry! she is outraged... the temerity of the man. do they know who she is? i am thrilled, isn't this the first time she'd refer to herself as khushi kumari gupta singh raizada?  kkgsr.

"agar woh arnav singh raizada hain, toh aap jaante hain ki hum kaun hain?" if he's asr, do you know who i am?


"nahin... khushi kumari gupta singh raizada..." lovely.

she flashes her mangalsutra for good measure.

and proceeds to look tougher than the big guys.

a bit of hesitation from the guards.

and "wow wow wow," the man is here... having set the come hither, no doubt pleased to see her even if to vanquish her. if only he knew how much his heart calls her.

he comes into frame.

"i am sorry, mrs khushi kumari gupta (pause) singh raizada," i am passed out, the temperature is getting even higher.

"par tumhe andar jana allowed nahin hain," but you are not allowed to enter.

too late, asr, she is right in, can't you see.

"tum yeh rishta tod chuki ho, aur yeh rishta keh saath saath andar jaane ka haq bhi kho chuki ho," you have broken this relationship and with that lost the right to go in. felt as though that breaking of ties hurt him deeply. he could never take her going away from him.

she is storming out.

he turns... "and yes, tum me itni class bhi nahin hai ki tum andar ja sako." and yes, you don't have the sort of class that's needed to go inside.


what's that?... why is he baiting her? why not just let her leave? he is pulling her back into the fray, the engagement is on. he wants her to retaliate, be here, near, mere paas mere saath, so here's some uncalled for insults... again reminds me of two people with extreme need for each other.

teeth gritting kkgsr notices bucket and water. where there's asr kkgsr love there's got to be water. long ago on crooner we'd discussed this avidly. i think it was jakhushi who'd pointed out that a body of water, a fluid is always part of their story. the most obvious being poolside. but before that there was their first hug in the rain and later there will be the diesel turned to water. arnav was of course always the ocean. nandalala had said that she believed water was the most powerful of all the elements in ipk. it somewhere represented the main protagonist maybe i think.

a mug of water flies. makes contact. the temperature soars instantly. asr's music strides in as it had once before in the kitchen... if anyone else had dared do that, shudder shudder.

"ab toh aap ke cilass ke bhi chaar chand lage hain, mr raizada," now your class is also looking spectacular, mr raizada, she taunts her drenched seething man. back and forth they tussle, they seem to seek some outlet for all that's bubbling within. the emotions, the desires, the desperate need.

"khushiii!!" his voice is commanding...

she stops. turns.

man drenches her with the whole bucket of water...

something supremely sexual... a release of something pent up.

a heat that needed to cool off.

everything here.

again i feel: foreplay, serious contact and then the release. oh his final hurl and her surrender with hands up in the air. love making in the bhasha of i hate you.

clients walk in in the middle of it all. sigh, can people from london please be a bit better looking?

embarrassment all around.

our man is standing in brown suit,
drenched, red plastic bucket in hand, but looking hot nonetheless. how?


uff the cool. hands bucket, shakes hand with client, not a beat is missed.

she equally poised considering the situation. the secratary introduces her as khushi raizada.

"uh, khushi kumari gupta singh raizada," corrects khushi, and does a namaste with mug.

go home, i'll talk to you when i come, says the master of the house.

she refuses like his true blue partner. she won't go until...

asr cuts in, he seems to be thinking something.

she turns to flounce away miffed, and her hair swishes against his face.

the eyes register the sensation within, an emotion enters and stops my saansey.  that look at her. why are my sympathies with this man... i want to hate him hate him, but.

how he adores this woman, that look when she leaves.

again he follows her... khushiii!

"tumhari koshish ki dad deni hogi, kkgrs... lekin iss baar tum haar gayi umeed hai ki wapis shantivan jaa rahi ho..." must commend you on your attempt, but this time you lost, hope you are going back to shantivan.

he wants to make sure she is back.

she refuses to go back, assures him she's not scared of his threats.

so why did you come here? his chance to mock... i didn't even lift a finger and you came running here... if i'd done something, what would be your state? what would you do then, khushi kumari gupta... singh raizada?

but she is not giving up and strikes at the heart of the matter. as far as being helpless is concerned, ...itna majboor toh humne aap ko kar hi diya ki aapko humse shadi karni padi...

i have made you helpless enough that you had to marry me.

touche, pussy cat.

wish i could translate that lovely word "majboor" better.

he wants her home

she ain't going.

who can make whom more majboor...

he gives her two hours and a dire threat.

very asr mode, kkg in asr mode too.

if he doesn't succeed in making her return, then his name isn't asr.

think of a new name then, suggests beautiful wife in her lovely wet look, you have two hours.

contenders face each other. he suggests she leave her world of dreams.
she says she'll see what she'll see and know his new name too.

sublime warfare. chemical weapons of attraction.

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