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episode 213 the swan and the cockroach

i think this was the first time that barun was shown minus shirt... skin very much for all to see. even as i found myself staring and trying to be circumspect (i am of that gen i guess) i thought, okay this is a sure sign that creatives are not sure of their story. an "item" number is required to keep eyeballs glued. that trp hunger very sharp.

i really felt like telling the producers, there was no need to resort to this, they had two very powerful actors, who were such a complete "item" together, they would have kept audiences there without resorting to skin scenes... as they did. even through sheetal and mrs india... and no resolution of almost kiss.

"khushi, tum yeh kya karne ki koshish kar rahi ho!" what are you trying to do, asr said, something in his voice not describable, he is totally flummoxed, she is behaving like a lunatic... he may have factored in many reactions to that wedding of theirs, but never this.

i had to laugh out loud at his "
main janta hoon yeh kaun hai, par yahan kya kar raha hai..." i know who he is, but what's he doing here?  at the sight of a beefy and bare salman khan on his wall (lots of shirtlessness today). barun knew how to make asr sound totally like himself even when story was making him seem clueless, duh... the events on the screen not really that funny... a slapstick element is raiding the writing.

and yet, it brought home to me an interesting point. the black swan theory.

i'd read somewhere about this idea pondered by nissim nicholas taleb. black swan is a
"metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight," says wikipedia.

wasn't khushi like that in asr's life? a completely unexpected event. never ever even thought of... that came and changed everything. paradigm shift i think it would be called by some.

of course the bs (wow, that bs... as in barun sobti? sigh, i knew there was a black swan thingie happening to me hmmm) theory is meant for large humongous events in the world. but it did remind me of khushi crashing into asr's arms/life one fine night and the sheer unexpectedness of her totally altered things.

half room takeover is on. must say sanaya is truly goofy when she wants to be. that strident note... nice, since all of it is a big drama, khushi is hurting crazily inside and possibly loving too

whoever chose that awful pink bedsheet deserves a salam,

"par aap kahan soyenge?" but where will you sleep asked khushi.

"never mind..." cool grey reply from asr. even in the midst of thin writing, everything feels real. actors make such a difference.

"laad gov poolside pe aur kkgsr, kamre mein!" her sweet spouse is at the poolside while she lies on his bed... thrills khushi no end. i'd wondered the first time what this would lead to.

well, it's the poolside, it had to be magic. look who is arrayed here. splendidly utterly. 

i do remember long conversations on the forum on the colour of the arrayed one's inner wear. used to confound me... can't take my eyes off that face, that line of body, and my fave was always that waistcoat of his. esp when he shrugged it on or off. this episode has that mind bending scene with before the mirror. 

yeah, makers really knew they had no clear idea where all this was going, so plenty "beauty" shots.

suddenly it's kamlesh khabri time, meen rashi tula rashi attack, goat on bed, chane.. i am feeling dizzy. and then comes man with head fixed at awkward angle... crick in the neck, hanging gardan times (thank you, mami ji). i am dead.

man and woman meet, they clash... she has the brain size and hearing of a goat says the rude chap, plays hide the remote game. the scheming wife stumbles, why is she even bothered with him and his commands if she so hates him... why is he not raging... something always gets in the way of the nafrat, doesn't it.

"lakshmi ji, lagta hai grah achanak badal rahe hain..." nice dialogue. lakshmi ji, seems like the stars are changing suddenly.

he gets to the loo first. she turns off the water. "hari prakash! khushi, paani tumne band kiya hai!" he guesses soon enough she might have something to do with it.

"ho sakta hai..." could be, replies she.

"khushi, tum janti ho tum kya kar rahi ho?!" khushi, do you know what you're doing? was there more in the question than an allusion to the current scenario?

"tumhe jo karna hai karo, main bahar nahin aaoonga!" do what you want to do, i'm not coming out. again, was there more there?

finally, "kya chahiye tumhe?" what do you want.

"ek minute mein aapka yahan se palayan..." in a moment your disappearance from here... a bit of shuddh hindi there by ramanchi queen.

"what!" totally uncomprehending arnav ji.

again that black swan feeling. he has no idea what to do with her, how to deal with this attack strategy of hers... even if he knows what it is she is trying to do.

and then came that unexpected moment after all the noise and drama.

he walked out with the towel over his shoulders and came up to her from behind, she turned and that meeting, that melting of resistance... he too was something she had never ever thought would happen to her. shouldn't she hate him for doing what he had done? it was horrendous really if you think of it... but we are not mere thinking creatures... we are feeling creatures.

in 212 we saw the effect of her wet hair swishing across his face, now look at her as she sees him standing so near and freshly bathed and with just that towel over him, his skin so close, still wet.

she's lost.

and like rain after a long dry spell, after all the raving came rabba vey.

"donchyou dare switch off the water supply again!" said grainy voice, i died again without both
ering too much about that strange "supply".
she stared. did he guess she was feeling the attraction, the undeniable, the pyaar which no one knows what to name?

"kya hua... ab jaa kyun nahin rahi ho?" what's the matter, why aren't you going... he sounded almost tender, his eyes stayed on her, gleaming.

khushi tried her best to get back to the scream shout mode, she called him
caackroach, tilchatta.

but today seemed the water was determined to make them feel things, no matter how often you turned it off. poolside magic, now bathroom witching. after all this is the story of a man called ocean and his happiness.

it made sure she slipped. and he had to save her and hold her in his arms and slowly they drowned, behind a curtain of... yes, water... today water was all over camera, speaking. like rain, like something that hides what one doesn't want to show and yet it shimmers through.

oh that slight movement of eyes and body when she noticed and felt how close their bodies were, how he held her... gossamer delicate, lovely, all man woman. and love.

these scenes are not too unique in tv land and really in most cases these still prolonged scenes feel stiff and irritating, but here... never, never that. two actors actually feel things and there's not even a moment that isn't fluid, flowing with emotions, they make time go in slomo, i watch.


back in december 2013 on bftp #22, we had serious cockroach talks. durga kept record of the exchange between me and isspkaur...

indi posted this edit from the caackroach scene ...



i'll take the caackroach, thank you.
cynthia, bless ya for guiding me to 213. i see the light. 


to which isspkaur promptly replied with this poem ...  

please approach, oh cockroach,

dhadkan meri thamti nahin!

above reproach, my cockroach,

baat bin tere jamti nahin!!


would indi be left behind? nah ...


zara soch, mera cockroach,
jeeoon main tere bin kaise?
dil mein moch lagi, cockroach
dard lagey ab marham jaise.


so what did isspkaur say? let's see ...
wah wah, wah wah! issi baat pe, arzz kiya hai begum indi jaan... mulaayza farmaayen...

cockroach se mil kar jaana nayi soch kya hoti hai (repeat twice!)

moch bhi deta marham bhi, phir bhi lagta moti hai..

issko tum na bura samajhna, dil mein isske joti (jyoti) hai (repeat again pileejh!)

jab hasta ye laad governor, khushi bhi aansoo roti hai!

now what would indi reply to this? her reply ... 
arre wah wah, kya kehne, kya kehne... repeating i am again and again the couplet on cockroach
cockroach baney moti, sounds like a movie of very high nayi soch.

anyone wants to add to this onslaught on the tilchatta? 


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