Monday, 28 September 2015

episode 214 delicious fare

as khushi looking very pretty in bright bright pink spoke to lakshmi ji, these days she and her quadraped friend are very close indeed, i wondered where it all was going. a sudden frenzy about returning asr's rs 300 which was brought about in a slightly force fitted way, became the key ingredient in the recipe for a supreme deliciousness, perfectly seasoned and served, quite unforgettable. it lasted only a few minutes, but that was enough. 

she had stormed his office with mountains of food... made me nostalgic. i remembered the wonderful office episodes. that pristineness of a girl from another planet raiding a boy's whole universe. so much has happened here.

of course, the staff and their talk is a little unreal. and where are pam and sim? but really when one is looking at a real dish, a five star one and i don't mean the salad, who cares. how can this fellow look that attractive with his head fixed at an awkward angle. 

and how does a girl look delectable in a tent?

but this is the world of ipk and sorcery is often afoot here. anything really can happen.


like those stainless tiffin boxes, as in dabbas, can disappear. and you can go looking for them everywhere and then find yourself walking up a winding stairway. 

at the top of it, the ogre might be sitting there in his glass palace hugging, yes that, a metal container, one of those dabbas... dipping his long brown agile fingers into it with alacrity, and lifting the contents, then stuffing it straight into his mouth. oh so delicately, though.

yes, the ogre with the head stuck at an awkward angle, might... no will... be found eating up everything in those dabbas and licking his fingers with clear and present relish.

unknown to you, a person in another galaxy, far far away... separated from you by both time and space, may be falling flat and dying at the sight even as the pink of your tent spreads to your heart. and your "what the!" (result of a bit of let's be cute writing) melts away as did your haw look, giving way to a tremor in your being, and bringing on a smile. a perfectly tremulous one.

the ogre whose life you are determined to wreck using your 100 ways to get after him, is eating the food you'd cooked after glowering and ordering his minions to eat pijja (what's with our pronunciation sigh)... and this will fill you with happiness... absolute joy.

maybe it satiates a hunger... a thirst in you.

maybe it fills not only his stomach. to eat food made by one's own true love it is said brings a special kind of nourishment. to the spirit, the heart and if we believe in it, the soul.

no wonder rabba vey plays its sweetest gentlest tenderest notes as this magic floats and mesmerises you.

ah that scene of asr eating surreptitiously away from all, guarding his dabbas and going at it swiftly... his fingers dashing into his mouth, a complete concentration... how totally delightful.

and her watching him, becoming khushi as khushi is again, feeling happy, a bit shy, thrilled that he loves her cooking.

such a man woman moment. and so wonderful a way to speak of feelings when the usual ways are not available.

i don't know if this is rare writing or not, but it is completely edible acting. by both.

how badly he wants to eat the jalebi... khushi, don't stop him please. and that look on his face when he realises he is caught in the act by none other than his tormentor. where are these people, really.

beautiful this insight... love has a way of sneaking out and running away with the moment, even if you are hating each other with a passion.

how lovely and shy and proud and dreamy kkg, sorry... sr, looks standing alone, playing with the thought of him enjoying her cooking.

at the end of the episode, as he walked into his home, talking asr on the blue tooth, sorcery found its way in again. this time it made a girl walk on her bed as she discussed business. if he talks ten crores, she talks ten thousand, if he is the astute industrialist, don't think she is any less...

she wants gunwatta stuff. don't understand? kality kality... samajhte? you understand quality or not? halwai ki beti and businessman ki patni... daughter of a confectioner, wife of a businessman, is she. don't you think you can mess with her.

at this the ogre looking up ready to get angry, must let a gleam light up his eyes instead, a funny crooked almost smile coming on. and far away in another galaxy someone must choke and stare, wondering what will happen next day.

tring ting... rabba vey must play.

the girl smiled brightly and said in this knowing way, "ab aaya na truck pool ke neeche..." no idea what that means but something like, yeah, now you're talking, i guess. whatever it was, the gleam in the eye only deepened.

how to stay immune to someone when all your defences are blown. how to make an episode taste so good with the bare minimum ingredients. i guess when you have the freshest ones, an ogre and a pink tent, anything is possible. all a matter of kality... kality.

side dish

~ mano darling on the ramp in tight fitting maadel type clothes. did she twist her ankle and fall just like a girl on a dark night of 6 june? sorcery everywhere.

~ "aur tum sabki kitty party khatam ho gayi ho... get back to worrrk. now." that crunchy hot nastiness and deadly dilli amriki accent of asr.


sorry, di... this has no trace of a five star dish in it.

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