Tuesday, 29 September 2015

office and the man

there was always something terribly attractive and downright heady about asr when he was in his office. felt as if he was all of himself here. his brain charged, his mind in sharp focus, his energy kicked up, bristling to go. this was his domain... and he the master the maker the keeper of all he surveyed. once action shifted to raizada mansion, we had fewer and fewer scenes here, till they practically disappeared
he was wonderful in his room too, all grey and black and brown and toned down. at his laptop, by the pool, gardening, frowing on the chaise longue.  looking out, sometimes up.. standing at the poolside or by his french window.

in his suv again he was wonderful... or on tahat staircase at rm.

where wasn't he good.

but in his office, a different sort of high in the man. i loved it.

in 214 and 215 when we came back to the red, black, and glass office as khushi got into her satane ke sau tarike days, i felt a sudden rush of abs happiness. she also looked really mad and cute reminding me of those early days of ipk and he... unspeakably himself.
i had to make many edits. just look at that stance. 

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