Tuesday, 15 September 2015

birthday girl

first time i saw you, you were in an atrocious churidar with tight kurta, pompoms (yikes), gota, tight off centre plait and muttering madly to yourself. what a weird creature i thought. then you smiled and talked some more nonsense, and tossed your head too... all of that should have smacked of overacting considering this was a soap on television, yet all i could feel was your presence... undeniable... i had to look. and fall for sanka khushi kumari gupta. sanaya, what a wonderful actress with the most lovely voice and an astonishing sense of comedy... i am a barun fan but there were days i simply giggled with you or gazed at you wondering how anyone can look so lovely despite that costume... you reminded me of the sort of heroines my mother liked, the classics, the saira meena kumari nargis waheeda kind, sometimes i caught a fleeting glimpse of audrey hepburn... instincts are rarely wrong, there is a classic leading lady in you... and i hope we see more and more of you on our screens, big medium small whatever. happy birthday, gorgeous one, a fabulous year ahead to you.

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