Sunday, 20 September 2015

thoughts on 105


he completely lost track of all thought as he openly stared, water from can overflowing indicative of so much. she was hot and bothered and had to run out. but she was not offended. in that moment of "pehele current"... the fairy lights remind us of electricity, the charge of an unleashed emotion, which flows uncontrolled seeking the other side, seeking connection... in that state one is vulnerable, open, no socially taught behaviour in place, one just feels what one feels... and she possibly likes that look in his eyes... it fill her, it shakes her up, she must rush out and calm down. poor girl... after the current will come the shock, just as she had said in 104... pehle current phir shock. the shock of realising she is in ... yeah, that thing that cannot be named.

in her day dream, an innocent girl who had never been in love, quickly made her own world. not even a day had passed since she had gauged she felt something for a man, she hadn't even dared use the word love. and yet, she was married to him in her fantasy. his wife. she wanted him to see her, compliment her and more. yes, she wanted him to come near, make her lose control, feel the sensuality of his breath on her... a physical, real, utterly asr tycoon in her life, her room, coming closer, and closer, wanting to do... what...

while he left her in a state, that dilli auto riksha quip even strangely sexy.. the good man left her cold. 

khushi was a real girl. flesh and blood. capable of much and definitely aware of the physical side of love and attraction and marriage. maybe she needed to marry him in her day dream because only the one she was wedded to could be allowed to come that near... but she was not the girl to deny her sexuality.

made her even more gorgeous to me. wish the channel and writers had remembered the girl audiences everywhere fell in love with and are still being stirred by.


a girl thrown into a whirlpool of feelings, a place that feels stormy and, yet lit with mysterious moonlight, runs about asking her goddess to help her, tell her what's up. such a filmi yet moving tale of khushi's discovery of love. of course, soon she had attached a jalebi to eat... in its shape signs of extreme craving, desire and more. 

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