Thursday, 10 September 2015

epiosde 201 a spoonful of kheer

the episode before stunned me with a man speaking in bated tone about his "chot" then looking away, irises dark chocolate, shimmering in the afternoon light.

i wondered what would follow. and along came 201, an episode i didn't understand at all. as in why was it quite so pointless and vacuous. no rhyme no rhythm... just a girl had to wonder about "chot" and the man to the goat... yes, we saw lakshmi ji after a longish break... she was always refreshing and a neat actor; and somehow khushi and her arnav ji had to reach a bowl of kheer.

well at least she did wonder as to what had given her husband so much pain and had he found out about shyam ji. then said, can't be, who'd tell him. yeah, really who would? everybody, especially she were so busy not divulging a thing to him... mujhe batana zaroori nahin samjha? he'll ask hurt and upset one day. shyam being a liar is one thing, but the girl he loves not trusting him?

in the midst of it all, she is given a dialogue again added to highlight her love for others... i wonder is it wrong to show your love for the one you love?

"hume sab kuch bahut soch samjhkar karna hoga... anjali ji maa banne wali hai aur hamari wajah se unhen koi pareshani nahin honi chahiye."

i must do everything with caution and wisdom... anjali ji is going to be a mother, she should not get upset in anyway because of me.

anyway to bring this kheer point about a fairly slapstick episode got going, with no connection to anything whatsoever. maybe it was also barun and sanaya's off day or something, it fell upon utkarsha naik to carry most of the soap and she struggled valiantly with a meaningless script to somehow do that. perhaps all writers were on leave too and lakshmi ji wanted to try her hand at writing... i am sorry, the care with which all things related to grey matter were left out in 90 percent of the episode gets me nasty.

but the important thing is that the kheer was reached.

before that, however, some jalebis... a mountain of them in fact. who could have made it?  mami ji, anjali and sweet shyam wonder. transpires shyam knows when khushi makes jalebi...

tense moments with wife and shrewd mami in law, "damad ji how do you knowj?" asks the shatir one. yes, damad ji, tells me pilleejh.

anjali says, though she knows about it but she hasn't told him.

"asal mein..." actually... mutters shyam ji desperately looking for a lie.

"di, maine bataya jija ji ko..."  i told jija ji, a husky quick line... asr in white shirt and grey waistcoat chimes in smoothly. an intensity about him. oh no, he heard that, i think. again an intimacy hinted at between kkg and shyam... chot and more chot.

the two men confront each other. tense music, camera pans, a sense of battle...

"after all, khushi meri patni hai... mujhe usske baare mein sab pata hai."

after all, khushi is my wife, i know everything about her.

yes, khushi is out of someone's reach now... because she is now his patni... get that... jija ji.

ah here's the kheer... which miraculously is sweet but without any sugar in it. this is a recipe with which kkg could have become a billionaire, maybe asr will help her do just that.

chhotey had gone out but is now back and anjali asks khushi to give him some kheer.

khushi in the meantime is determined to find out if her suspicion is right, if asr knows about shyam, what gave him that chot? khushi looks genuinely concerned for asr. at least for this one episode.

she comes running with the kheer, as he walks down the stairs in a bit of a rush, moving beautifully. they bang into each other.

kheer on his waistcoat... he's livid.

but he looks up and sees sis... the kheer bringer.

"aap iss tarah bina baat kiye baar baar nahin jaa sakte... aapko hume batana hoga..." he would have walked away but khushi says, you can't always leave without telling me anything, you have to tell me.

cut to another pov and the first shot of double is on. double in all shots from the back... terrible editing and continuity... (sorry, mistakiya, first shot of double was presented to jija ji and co in the kitchen earlier... in the entire episode just a couple of shots of barun shot together with sanaya, otherwise it's all taken separately... here's the other man.)

"ki humne aapko kab dukh..." when did i give you pain...

before she can complete her sentence, he grabs her upper arm.

"tumhe.. bilkul andaza nahin hai na?" a slightly soft, quizzical air, gentle voice, you have no idea, right? he asks.

she's shocked at the gentle voice, bemused she shakes her head.

"nahin?" no?!!

and that slight slight sexy playful smile on an angry hurt man's lips. all because he hates her of course...

"ki tum gusse mein kitni sundar lagti ho..." that you look so beautiful when you're angry. along with that confounding statement, the grin is lopsided.

the hated wife is stupefied.

the sister is pleased and peering.

"kya?!!" says the wife.

the double's ear bothers indi... what the.

"par isska matlab yeh toh nahin ki tum mujhse hamesha gussa raho," but that doesn't mean you remain angry with me all the time. hearts are flipping on and off screen at the dip in the "hamesha"... the little boy look in the eyes. an almost pout there.

music comes in.

"come!" husky commanding voice, and with a devastating sugar free smile... nafrat at its most lethal.

he holds her and pulls her to a chair... sister is happy.

"baitho?!!" sit?!! so gentle... arms reaching for her easily, wanting her...

makes her sit, she is horrified at turn of mood..

she opens her mouth and words don't emerge, he jerks his head in a little ishara... loving smile on.

he's enjoying her confusion...

"woh keh rahe the... ke hum aap ko hume batana hoga ki hum..." i was saying that you... i... you must tell me. khushi is still trying to get her answer.

he stuffs a spoon of kheer into her mouth... shutting her up.

eyes are chocolate melting, loving hating.

trrring ting... you can't fool the music... there is that thing between two people, a thing that can't be given a name. rabba vey knows every moment it reveals itself.

he wipes the kheer off the corner of her lips and looks up to see if di is there.

poor khushi, her feelings are in a mess.

he leans forward, holds her arm again and makes her feed him.

as he closes his lips over the kheer heaped spoon, eyes on her eyes, rabba vey plays... did he really not want her to feed him?

oh he wants her so so much.

di is delighted.

khushi is dazed.

he starts chewing and indi is dead.

another bite, oh man in grey and white... waist coat so snug, a gorgeous leanness, why must you do this. this is a meaningless empty, flippant episode, i the viewer am supposed to hate it, give an honest scathing report and with a snort switch to 202, yet here i am as you make 201 memorable with a smile, a pout, a voice, a chew, even a double.

a sense of youth and bristling energy... sometimes angry, sometimes loving.

khushi is so beautiful in a normal saree with her pompom, her churis, her kangans, her confusion, her pyaar, her aching heart... only that lack of story.

"tumhare haathon se khakar bina cheeni ke kheer bhi meethi lag rahi hai..." eaten from your hands, even kheer without sugar tastes sweet.

hey hey... she looks up... is he for real... is he that guy by the mirror who had said "bas karni hai"?... is he?... her expression is so tender and heart breaking, she does want her arnav ji so... even though he's hurt her so much. tremulous, half expectant, half fearful air.

he goes to feed her again... cut to double and wrong editing but rabba vey plays, let's stay with the mood.

she chokes.

he's concerned instantly, "khushi!!"

he takes the plate... "khushi, you okay?" voice panicky almost.

as she coughs and he reaches for water, she looks up...

there's anjali... and it's all clear to her at last.

"khushi, are you alright? yeh lo paani..." and she refuses it. one neat pushing away of his concern and care.

he's perplexed.

she stands up, "anjali ji ja chuki hain... aap ko yeh natak karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai." anjali ji is gone, you don't have to do this play acting.

he takes a bit of time to react... his hand drops from her arm.

"aap ne yeh sab anjali ji ke liye kiya tha na?" you did all this for her, didn't you?

angry hurt look.


just eyes speak.. what do they say? why do i read her sadness, her confusion... and his confusion and a certain tiredness. he puts the glass down and swings away, no words are needed... just two people caught in a terrible place, yet not wanting to leave each other. have we all been here sometimes.

and in that moment, somehow a note of eternity enters an episode that was pretty bad.

in a mad fit made caps of double free shots and collaged them... here they are.


indi, stop staring! can't.

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