Saturday, 26 September 2015

love and pyaar

when it's really and truly trying and yet we can't let go... it's either terrible addiction or terrifying but gorgeous love. look at asr and khushi. look at us.

all of us coming to this thread know, this point on many things will hurt. pretty badly at that. insides sometimes shudder at the thought, or frustration makes us grit teeth, write off a nasty post or three. yet here we are... because it's not about tho
se things really, it's about a feeling that lingers despite all of that.

just now while putting together this post, i went to episode 218 (posted in thread #21)... the evening of dilli mein bali was coming to an end. the entire bali thing had left most of us in a what the state... no meaning, suddenly plonked in. but there were moments in it that made us swoon. and then while watching i saw the shot below. believe me, i felt dhakdhak. that's it. this is the reason one can't just say, impossible, nothing makes sense... and leave. khushi didn't when asr dragged her off to a temple. asr couldn't when he saw her with shyam. so how can you and i?

many of the threads of their tale were never neatly tied up, but somehow it did not matter. nothing mattered, except that feeling and what it did to one. i stared at the two of them sleeping next to each other the very first time. snuggling. then he moved and opened his eyes and saw her. even without rabba vey notes coming in i knew his heart had leapt. just like mine. perfect communication.

loop closed.

reminds me a bit of "jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahin... jab jo bura kiya usska koi matlab nahin... iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin..."

maybe we closed the loops really with our response to moments such as these. there was no question of breaking the tie ever. love, hate, makes sense, doesn't make sense, no matter what. welcome to an all new thread, let's go catch some mad rabba veys... he just made her hold her ears and do uthak baithak and i went awww. now all this is either leading to permanent brain damage or prolonged youth (with unwrinkled skin and toned arms). whatever it is, it isn't normal. it's ipk.

and the only thing that means anything is... main hamesha hamesha tumse ...

wrote this on the main post of our i-f thread blast from the past #22. 

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