Sunday, 20 September 2015

episode 108 a little magic

evening before diwali, and the road to poolside under the stars is passing through a strange little diversion. since nainital, not a single meeting between the two has gone by without attraction rising, threatening to break prescribed limits. at the poolside just now as he blew the speck of dust from her eyes, his hands didn't want to stop playing with her hair, and she didn't want to stop looking at him. what was that?

and now it was the discovery of khushi's little prank when she suspected asr is doing black magic on her. black magic woman, says my head, song from years ago, santana. if she had watched asr carefully she'd have known who was really under a spell. but khushi was too worried to do that. the man was looking at her coldly...

"kya karna chahti thi tum?" what were you trying to do, his voice thick with suspicion. his computer camera was on when she was doing her thing, and he has just witnessed her mixing some mysterious powder into his juice, and watching from behind the curtain as he drank it and coughed repeatedly. in fact, she'd done a jig and he'd noticed that too. not a good situation.

he is mad at her. how will she wriggle out of this one?

"woh hume ... sote hue chalne ki adat hai na iss liye..." er, i... have this habit of walking in my sleep, so... she is a funny girl, got to give her that. but he is in no mood to laugh... nasty boy.

"toh iss video mein tum soh rahi thi..." so in this video you were sleeping. his voice is rough, the powder has really irritated his throat, and the anger isn't helping. he slams the laptop shut, she starts.

if i tell you you will laugh at me, she finally admits. i thought you were dong jadoo tona on me, forgive me please, i should get punishment for what i did.

"saza, kaisi saza?" punishment? what sort of punishment? (the mind boggles at the possibilities, however, i shall be circumspect.) he is coughing again.

in a moment she's next to the glass with the juice he had not yet finished. and the next thing you know she's gulping it down. a curious intimacy in her drinking from his glass, her lips perhaps exactly where his lips had rested.

he watches jaw dropping... what th- gritted teeth.

she's punishing herself with the same pain she'd given him. her idea of justice is just too much to handle. so she's willing to harm herself because she was wrong in trying to harm him.

and she begins to cough.

a short cough from him.

one from her.

she puts the glass down, a short sharp sound.

symphony of cough and bang and "what the" from time to time.

they've sneezed together, now this coughing together, wherever you go i'll go with you...

he watches her without a word. she walks around to him, picks up the glass of bitter kada, a herbal concoction to soothe the throat, and tells him to drink it. then she rushes into her panic about this new thing that's happening to her, she has strange thoughts, acts weird, bua ji thought it was black magic... his face tenses... she thought he was doing something, no idea anjali ji had given him the ash and lime and chillies, and she saw him chanting... chanting?... yeah, outside by the tree, (he was on his blue tooth talking) so she thought... no it was the wrong thought... so just drink this kada, it will give you relief, please forgive her... and she must go. khushi escapes, the essence of sanka charming, leaves you gaping and just a wee bit mesmerised. actually, completely so.

he can't say anything, but he can't not look at her.

a helpless need almost in him, one that doesn't let him think clearly. a crazy stirred state in her, what's happening?

attraction crossing limits, repulsiveness too. shyam has taunted a sick, silent man, spewed disgusting words, "dekhiye paison se humne shadi toh karli, par jo hamara dil hai na, woh sirf khushiji ke paas hai." see, i have married money, but what my heart wants, that is with only khushi ji. he has brought a wheel chair for babu ji too whom he dearly loves, and he is leaving home for the sake of the gupta's honour. bua ji watches smitten, and turns her ire on khushi. yes, she is right, jadoo tona is on these days. 

later in the evening, khushi sits under her stars, a terrible choice to be made. hobson's choice really. bua ji has asked, won't you give the man who gave you home, care, and maximum love a little peace of mind? marry shyam and make your babu ji happy?

but she's coughing...

and far away in his mansion, he stands by the pool, and coughs.

he picks up the kada, and her thoughts touch his mind, his space again. she is drinking, coughing, giving him kada. he drinks the bitter stuff...grimaces. what the.

she sits sad, looking lost, and thinks of the same things. she is drinking, he watches mouth open... oh these these thoughts...

the sheer force of desire, attraction, inexplicable yearning in the air.

then payal tells her to take the decision she is most comfortable with. a decision is needed by tomorrow evening.

in the mean time, a saree has got switched. and the wearer just so loves it.

diwali morning sees her bright and chirpy, she's painting lakshmi ji's foot prints to her doorway, inviting good fortune. she and her sister have a lovely diwali moment, all will be well. two bright optimistic, strong, unassuming girls, you just want to have everything go right with their world.

and a man in a dapper gray suit, hair short sides and back, sideburns highlighting cheekbones, face smooth behind perfect stubble, eyes chocolate flecked with red, is looking at his girl friend coolly. a diya begins to fall off the platter, he catches it effortlessly. "tum apni aaankh mein haath lagana band karogi..." stop touching your eyes, will you? hey hey... a cascade of memories... he doesn't even compliment la, who is smiling rather sweetly. 

just thoughts of a girl. her huge startled, stirred eyes, so close, so close, he wants to play with that strand of hair... instead he lets his thumb slide across the diya. it's made by her. a stunning sensuality in the shot.

she has taken the sari, but not the payal. a hint from sweet creatives. just in case us sillies missed the payal scene, concentrating too much on the haircut boy's looks.


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