Thursday, 3 December 2015

251 and a note on acting

he seemed to know even before he turned around that she was there behind him just there. he turned knowing yet wondering, he saw, his eyes got a strange different light, his face seemed to lift for an instant... surprise joy hope yearning "khushi!" flitted across. she looked back at him, reflecting every emotion of his. hope longing need joy, despair melting away. a complete moment the two actors owned, weird colours and messy location notwithstanding. how does one take hold of a moment like that with just a look. grasp it, possess it. i could almost feel i was in there somewhere, in that distance their gaze spanned.

echoes of diwali and the evening she returned after saying she was going away for hamesha here. this would have been a great scene anyway, given the traction the tale already had, asr khushi was something we all wanted and were slightly crazy about already, and the point in the story was so poignant plus there was the fact that this was the last day barun was shooting before going away for a while, he'd be back only once in a way for some time now, we didn't know when the "break" would end. i am sure all this added to the scene. and yet not. it is kind of pristine, separate from all, a classic, endless moment. that says too many things to put into words. and comes by only once in a rare while.


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