Saturday, 26 December 2015

episode 270 exscoozhe me

an episode carried by two actors mainly, utkarsha naik and sanaya irani, as it's the day to play detective and find arnav ji anyhow, somehow. might have been interesting, but for the decision to go funny, almost comic, while on a desperate search to find the man who makes khushi's heart beat faster.

no, not just that. with whom her heartbeat is one.

hamari dhadkaney ek ho jati hai.

when you are close to me, our heartbeats become one, a man with flowing tenderness and love had said at a poolside to a girl who wanted to know, why? why does this happen? when you're near me my heartbeats quicken?

today that man is in the hands of vile revolver toting men and the girl searches frantically for him.

where exactly do writers think, comedy fits in in the middle of it?

sometimes i really wonder about caring for what you do... not only because you are paid to do it, but because you believe you have the talent to do it, you want to, you almost need to. writing somewhere is a bit of compulsion... i write enough and more to have started to understand that.

i can never ever understand why writers lost it because one actor would not be around for a bit over a month... though actually he was available to shoot often... and it was quite possible to stay sane and centred through this not too long a span of time.

after the spectacular 266 and 267, what makes a writer come to 269 or 270 or 271... i just don't get.

sanaya irani is a powerful actress.

the love story is absolutely established.

the viewer is engrossed in it. there are beautiful scenes that may be brought on through flashbacks and other means. or, i am sure there are many rushes, especially of the two hugs and the hut sequence that can be edited differently and used. what's more, barun sobti will come in for a shoot every now and then so you can have fresh shots...

surely one can stay cogent while telling the tale of asr's kidnap and not turn to disjointed story, strange comedy, and a tinny feel to it all. instead of fretting about what will happen if the audience misses barun, had they taken this opportunity to give the whole kidnap tale meaning i have  a feeling this turning to ridiculous comedy might not have happened.

in fact, now that i think, it was the ideal time to really develop why the kidnap, why the will was important, what the whole thing was about...

and what happened to the directors? that opening sequence of someone trying to drop something on mami ji, or the chase in the toy shop... why so fake? when the same guys are doing the beautifully shot hugs and hut?
also, no matter what, asr's wife and aunt cannot be shown haring around delhi in autos... if they can't use the raizada cars for the sake of anonymity or whatever, both have the wherewithal to hire a car.
after a lot of rushing and hiding and fretting, we came to rocky's kitchen and he pulled a little stunt.

again, something just was not scary about the whole thing.

in fact, while the cloak and dagger stuff was going on at the toy shop, i noticed the teddy type goon had a lot of profile shots... maybe the director was enamoured of  profiles for a particular reason.

my one happy moment in 270, mami saying, "exscoozhe me, khisko!" nice dialogue. truly bizarre.

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