Sunday, 13 December 2015

a girl and a woman

when this episode aired the very first time, i had written several posts just on this episode... absolutely elated by what i saw on 22 may, 12 midnight. here's one of those thongs i wrote.
"i am a woman in love"
he said "woh baat" in a way only he could say. after that i was left looking at her.

when i first met her she was a girl. last night i saw her transform into a woman. 

what's more, a woman in love.
we followed her single tear with joy in our hearts, she cradled the phone close and she smiled. and there was a different khushi. not the one who had rushed in with her "aanchal" held out to collect the shower of stars that she believed would fall when one is in love, as per chat with devi maiyya. 

nor the young woman who jangled the bangles he'd given her (the only thing he has ever given her till date) as she stood smiling to herself and said: if anyone had said to me laad governor would give me bangles and be so concerned about my welfare, i'd have never have believed them.

from that smile on, right through the walk down the corridor, remembering the incomplete "faraq padta hai" moments to his submission: i love you, up to her room, i watched khushi grow into a woman.
she walked into her dream, assured and lovely in his favourite colour. tremulous smile (who says mills & boon doesn't teach you anything), but confident reach out of hand.

she looked into his eyes, unafraid. his expression changed. was he about to explain? without any hesitation she silenced him with a finger on his lips. khushi doesn't need explanations. she knows what matters. hmmm nice.

i have to say i loved khushi's version of the perfect romantic interlude. khushi, the girl, chose the physicals. the awful earrings (that cuts deep as i am a earring fiend), the tacky bag in which the precious string rested, the funny candles, the run around the pool. aw i loved that strange chase by our man. WinkLOL Smile if i can see him tied up and bleeding, i can see him dopily running after her, perhaps asr really feels like running around trees sometimes, let the boy have some fun!

but the emotions of the entire sequence was pure Khushi the woman. i loved the way she turned away from him and ran, a definite invitation to follow her there. if we found the seen corny, bet so did barun and sanaya. i looked at their expressions a zillion times to detect a false note. not one. they had a beautiful chat instead, just through looks and smiles. oh, that lovely lyrical hug, the hand moving up her hair, the remorse entering his eyes, then his intent gaze as that funny bottle and note appeared; but what really mattered were those three words. and their effect.


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