Monday, 7 December 2015

iss ngo ko kya naam doon... ek jashn episode 4

struck me as strange when asr and anjali kept referring to anjali's new place of work and her world virtually as "ngo" repeatedly. who says that? yeah, maybe once or twice you say, ngo... but surely you don't keep doing that. the place must be having a name...

in fact, when you identify strongly with something, you always use its name. not its generic type in the classification of different types of organisations.

in ipk, everything, everyone always had a name, only that pyaar might have played truant. the first shot took you over a doorway of a mohalla, gomti sadan clearly written on it. then there was sheesh mahal... not their "big house in lucknow" or their "mansion in lucknow". there was shantivan, bua ji lived in a home not grand enough to have a name maybe but it was in lakshmi nagar, not some "middle class neighbourhood in delhi". asr's company was called ar... the driver and servants of the house had names, banwari was the washerman, shukla ji was the canteen guy, even the goat had a name. there were bedi ji, happy ji, preeto. "mehroze ka talaq na hua hota" mehroze might not have been divorced, said her mother in episode 3 before asking khushi to come to nau gaza peer baba ki mazar, not just a nameless mazar, for urs.

all these little details made things feel and seem real somehow. they gave specificity, shape, dimension.

when khushi yelled about taking on the samnewala, bua ji asked astounded if she meant the neighbours who lived in front.. lata and someone else... i think. there was never any dearth of names.

so why is the ngo being deprived of one, dear writer?

i always felt anjali's characterisation was expressed as much through her lovely sarees and way of dressing as anything else. she may have become stronger as claimed by her brother, but how come she has completely lost her taste? she never wore anything that looked "hard" or garish... now that is not the case. and since when is nk bhai, nk ji? why would di, who is older, call nk.. ji anyway. she never used to. jarring all these little glitches.

the dialogues were too sweet and formal.. i missed both anjali and asr.

i must say though, the moment the scene flipped to diwali via not so clever dialogues, i felt those good old feelings. the sole of my feet seemed to come alive and went a bit hot... i waited for the sensation to spread. it did. ah, at last something familiar and totally precious.

the same response to "har kam tum khud nahin kar sakti!" the voices also sound clearer and sexier on this high def streaming... of course the pictures have cleared even more than what it used to be on hotstar earlier. oh that slight appraising teeny glimpse of a smile before, "lagi shart?"

the teri meri sequence though felt rushed and badly edited. there was a sense of trying to pack too much in on the memories front. the new year and khushi's kiss recalls were lovely...  but all of it was again a slew of what has been... no real play on what will be i sensed. randomly chosen flashbacks as opposed to ipk's carefully chosen ones.

i am finding asr hard to deal with. this is so not him. despite anjali's helpful prompt re how people change thanks to a relationship. but i did feel his mind, if not him, once. when he spoke again of forcing khushi to marry him. how he had been very mean to her. twice in four episodes, he has said this. i thought, yeah... that is asr. when he has done wrong.. he knows and admits that to himself. never absolves himself of wrong doing. will do anything to make up for it... and never ever justify his galat actions. that will be left to his fangirls teehee.

something terribly touching in that trait: to know when you've erred, to never make the burden of it less on yourself, to never run away from it. no one in this world possibly loves khushi more than him. but he knows, he has also hurt her perhaps more than anyone else.

i wondered if ek jashn is also about establishing regret in asr... a sort of "redemption track", the much morcha-ed for one.

khushi, he said, hadn't changed at all. she was the same mad girl he had married... i didn't have the heart to tell him... no, she is completely changed too. just as you are. but those who love, i guess try their best to look beyond that.

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