Thursday, 17 December 2015

eighth period: chemistry

every time my eyes stray to the caps and edits, a happiness comes sauntering in coolly and makes eye contact. something moves and flows inside, i forget to think. this was what got me in the first place all those years ago... an unguarded moment and i was gone.

even through the most troubling days of ipk, this was always there. even if you got a moment of these two people, and no matter how jaded and not ready to be taken in by anything you may be, well i am... definitely... but there i'd go flying again. a bit senseless.

that was the ipk thing for me. i absolutely love not thinking not registering even with my own self and getting completely lost.

not too many things in life actually can take one there. and i think more than anything i longed for that. it sparkled and shone and pulled and tangoed, completely oblivious to the surroundings... bad writing, strange loopholes, weird tracks, nothing unsettled it. in fact, if anything it made it seem even more powerful.

through seven episodes of jashn i sat patiently, then with teeth gnashing, for that. it did not come. i noticed only the flaws and the missteps and yes, my favourite actor's uninvolved monologue. everything felt wrong and i saw i was thinking a lot too. all faculties functioning while barun is on screen... is that even possible.

and then eight opened... a bit of khushi talk, felt slightly forced, but then she went and opened the door and that was it. i just watched. no thought. silly smile slowly coming on... i am flying... no sense, not making any. oh this is ipk. it takes off on a vibe and never lets you touch down.

so i saw these two shots together somewhere and felt this intense happiness. great chemistry i guess releases/causes that.


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