Tuesday, 8 December 2015

jashn brings a thought

a stray thought on pyaar prompted by jashn.

even though this is all a bit nightmarish, maybe there is a lovely thing about love in it.

maybe i feel a bit like asr on that day when he realised khushi had had a paternity test done to see if he were arav's father. i had wondered on that day, how he could get so incensed one moment and then let go of it so easily. how could he not remain angry beyond belief. how it didn't get severely in the way of his relationship with her .

we all felt khushi's anger, misery, sadness, horror, terror, every feeling when asr did what he did on that night of their wedding, and we said to ourselves we understood why khushi went into her chaotic ott frame of mind post that... even though i really never could get that reaction. i felt her bludgeoned, suffocating, terrified, bereft and broken heart and thought her reaction would have been different, but never mind. so khushi did things not very khushi in that state of mind.

imagine the lack of trust shown here, with this paternity test. and the invasion of his being... something of his, a hair most likely, is taken by his wife whom he loves beyond himself... and given over to a lab to see if he is lying about his relationship with an ex-girlfriend, if he has fathered a child with her.

he got livid. then he just worked off his anger. as i watch jashn, i think i am getting why he could do that. this was no new relationship in his life... this was not when he had just begun to feel his faraq as with the night of the terrace and shyam and mu (oh famous mu), this here was a man who had been through much in life, then found a beautiful person, been through a lot with her and now was in a place of ease in his heart about their love. needing her, knowing she is part of his breath... just committing to her... no matter what.

a long relationship, a confidence in it, a clear and present need. a vital need.

he is a sharp man. he understands khushi and her mind... he knows she doesn't really not trust him even if it looks like that.

she is hassled and is doing silly stuff.

but he knows her heart has no malice, no wrinkle, nothing but love for him.

and that love he can't live without.

so the man who had judged her upon seeing one sight and hearing one sentence from her and who couldn't bring himself to ask anything that night far away... just raved and then got over the paternity test like that.

he also forgave her for bringing shyam back... even though yes, he did get angry and held on to the anger a bit longer.

when you love and if you are smart, you know that love is important. keep that in perspective when you assess a thing.

however traumatic, however wrong, galat.

ss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin... bas ek cheez ka matlab hai ke mein hamesha hamesha tumse... "

what his heart (the wise one) had blurted out way back, now is absorbed in his being... matlab only that love has. hamesha hamehsa...

so, yes, ipk barun sanaya everyone's galat hurts and makes me gussa. but i am not standing at the terrace door... i am not new to this loving.

it's been a long time with ipk... a relationship not unsure and small.

this egregious act by all at ipk will be over. my gussa is already finding a shore and calming... it's not often that you find love you can't name. pyaar sabse bada indeed hota hai. oh i just missed la. Big smile

got to love a show that can even dream of LOL and actually get away with Clap a la. hey asr, remember how good looking you were? try not to smile so much, okay. half si smile... that's when you give dhakdhak and khushi falls flat for rakshas. got it? (okay i am talking to nonexistent people again, all is well.) 


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