Saturday, 12 December 2015

the day he can't forget

chatting with a friend on ipkknd ek jashn, she was baffled as to why asr said the night of the hut he'd never forget. considering they were interrupted, etc., i attempted an explanation without having seen the episode. i saw the episode the next day... and yeah, felt like i'd felt it right.

hyuk, this show has most of us gone barmy. pagalon ki tarah to pagal all the way.

okay...i have not seen 5 and 6. still waiting to spike up the courage. but hut scene.

i love it. and here's why i do understand if he said it was a night he can't forget. (though him discussing this with mami with asr gone lobotomised grin on his face i may not be able to bear or comprehend.)

the precis:
it was the first time ever they were with each other, alone... no misunderstandings... the love came, desire rose, they both let it come. big step. asr feels the moment of that hut, the day he crossed a line and picked khushi up in his arms and she wanted him to... suddenly they were just a man and a woman in love and nothing else. a point of union, of mating had been reached. 

the long take:
that day earlier was the first time ever that she flew into his arms and he held her to himself, not feeling anything other than that overwhelming faraq he feels for her. no shadow of shyam... no need for her to prove anything... the first time.

he had left in a shattered state, wanting to believe her, needing to, but not able to... a taqleef he had felt as he left khushi... a taqleef he couldn't understand.

but yet, he had started to turn around when the goons got him... maybe he had figured that he had to go back to her, even if there were no proofs or explanation? no idea, but i found it interesting that he had started to turn around at the airport.

he was captured.

the first time he felt her presence after that and got a chance to speak to her, he at last said something he had thought he would long back... he might not have said, "khushi, i love you," on the night of the terrace, but he would have, in a happy flirtatious mood, made his claim on the faraq girl... that lovely youthful air of those days, such a rare thing in this man's life.

but now he does say it... the experience and layers of all that has happened affects the moment and makes it what it is, he needs to say it i thought.

at last when khushi and he find themselves together after their separation... not only by kidnap... more importantly by that misunderstanding and the chaos thereafter, there's possibly such utter beauty in their first hug, where both just want to hold each other as two lovers, two people who can't be without each other.

and then the battle with danger, the knowing that when they are together, all else ceases to matter, uff the fabulous second hug. a growing arousal there, right in the middle of madness.

the first hug was all emotion... second hug, suddenly desire rose.


at the hut, there was concern and care and no one was exactly thinking of leaping into bed and having it off... when suddenly again out of nowhere, a flare of desire.

i think of the fireflies always when hut comes up... was it a symbol of deep hidden and cherished desire in them, suddenly releasing and flying out? a lovely metaphor... if it were that. for far too long it had been incandescent but not free.

after all when a man and woman get attracted, physical longing/desire is as much a part of it as anything else. attraction doesn't give warning and come, it just arrives and seizes your senses... ever since diwali, there is a declaration of this need/passion within them... expressed physically... emotions yanked in without any chance to resist... emotions no name had been found for then... just the gut's command had to be followed. that time too she hadn't run away. but aman called...

here in the hut tonight after the moments of fear of darkness... then her saying, she is not scared anymore as the firefly fllies away free. scared of what? the dark? or her own feelings?...

then the completely gorgeous nonverbal communication between the two... him hiding her shadow from his eyes for perhaps he feels something and doesn't in any way want to indulge unless she is part of it.

her opening the "curtain" and standing before him... hesitant... perhaps unknowingly wanting him... so inviting that innocence...

his look as he sees her standing there, virginal... yet with a touch of red...

he wants her... his eyes say that... she is worried, inexperienced, stepping back, but not breaking eye contact after a point...

oh how i fell for that portrayal of the first open rush of desire and no need to hide.

when he lifted the rope and ducked and crossed that "line" not once taking his eyes off her... she knew something had been crossed... he was telling her he was going ahead.

she didn't run... just played like a lover...

he lunged and stopped her, that look in her eyes as she gazed at him, trapped but somehow wanting it... sanaya blew me away in that shot.

the kiss on the shoulder, nape of neck... so so sensuous...

and then a decision... and he picked her up.

she didn't resist.

they were in perfect tune with each other...

the love play in the hut... that becoming of each others "saiyaan"... the very first time in each other's arms, in their own world, no questions, no marring of love by other extraneous things... a heady and raw utter need.

the hut was really their first time together.

and the sex there was perhaps uniquely arousing and etched and full of that free flight of love.

so if the hut makes him loopy despite the fact that they were interrupted, i'd get that.

sorry... i went on. a chance to ramble and me not take it?

i even made a vm with only the two of them, no doubles. gives me severe acidity whenever i see it.


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