Saturday, 26 December 2015

episodes 261/262 two detectives and a disconnect

both episodes seemed quite rudderless. dashing off into the events of the day without much thought or beauty.

khushi looked for ways to find asr. shyam looked for ways to bother khushi. mami for some reason looked askance at everything khushi said or did and decided to wear black gloves to follow khushi.

i have no idea who wrote these scenes or directed them, but had a feeling a lot of not senior, experienced people were involved.

we also took a side trip to the problems of akash payal matrimonial harmony. why  no idea, but the execution again felt without traction.

suddenly in ipk everyone is talking to themselves loudly as in other serials... or was it always there, i just did not notice.

liked these lines:

mami ji hum pagal nahin hain...

ebhry mad person yehi kahat hai...

262 went into the whole story of cc tv footage at the airport. how khushi knew exactly whom she had to meet, and why they were so offensive... or why she collected a visiting card while the man went on and on or how between mami ji and herself they determined exactly where to go to find the footage, i really did not get. my mind was wandering.

but yeah, after a lot of detective drama, they saw the first shots of asr in days.

i wish i could say something held my interest... really nothing. seeing the asr footage i felt sort of happy, but the four toughs that followed him, then him just going with them quietly seemed weird.

they never ever bothered to tell us how this so called kidnap was effected. what was he told? why did he follow them? who were they? how did they get in? shoddy writing. something i guess the asr khushi scenes and the cogent, caring writing of earlier days had gotten me unused to. i don't compare ipk with other serials because i don't watch them, and if it were just another one of those, i would not be here. it has set its own standards and breached them all by itself too.

shyam has taped the very important papers with ordinary tape under a baby cot? what sort of thinking is this?

on a brighter loopier note, mami ji has called all five ishtar hotels of isscatland... teehee, i recall once calling a hotel in milan and asking if there were other five ishtar hotelwas there... determined to call all. but mami is my guru, she is tracking all the big hotels in a whole country.

mano line that has me giggling: i talk... you dooj... okayj?

a little later: phront phront see bhat bhat happens. agey agey dekho howat hai kaa.

tell me this is a hint.

i also liked mano detectibh's wipe your tears, aansoo ponchh lo advice.

and c'mon of course i get why she is wearing that utterly bizarre outfit to be bond... chori ke khatir banarasi saree how to wear, haan?

alas, despite all the mano fix, episode lacklustre, directionless.

she rewinded and as he came into frame, rabba ve  faded up. it was a sad sad moment. khushi reacted to the sight of the man she loved, who had told her "woh baat," a tender scene, her face went vulnerable, she touched the screen, her arnav ji, she so needed to know he was ok. manorama felt the emotions of this young woman she had tricked and loathed and decided to call phatti saree. she put her hand on her shoulder in empathy.. but the moment khushi took note of that, she pretended to be dusting something off her shoulder. lovely character note. and moment. yeah, the two mad bahus of the raizada fam, the two not upper class girls with their sense of love and family were in that instant on the same side suddenly. an ipk touch to the delving into the unpredictable shades in manorama raizada's character.


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