Thursday, 10 December 2015

this is not FUNNY

the first almost 10-minute sequence of the 3rd july 2012 episode was one of the most beautiful i've ever seen anywhere. we all remember arnav frantically looking for khushi, finding her, and bringing her back to consciousness. i was fascinated by everything in that scene, including what was said, with words and otherwise.

for diehard ipkkndians, here's the text of arnav's dialogues on that day. much laughter has been shared over how many times he said "khushi". i think i managed to catch all of them. count if you are a stats freak. just read if you wish to go over those moments again.

right at the end he says something very interesting. no need to say anything.

starting second sequence of 3rd july till last evening, 5th july, that's what he's been doing: not saying anything. or is he actually saying everything without uttering a word?

in these words of 3rd july lie the roots of many things we'll be seeing from now on, i feel. so, a ready reference. enjoy.


he's looking for her scanning the ledge and the trench.
pause, he sees her.

smiles and makes his way to her:

rabba ve enters as he reaches her.
khushi, khushi, everything is fine... khushi! sab theek hai.

he gathers her close and draws her away from the slope.
rabba vey under.
cut to shyam's call.
back to asr and khushi on level ground.
he checks to see if she's alright, notices her hand lying limp.
guest house flashback, nainital flashback, remembers how she's always held on to him even while unconscious, and now her hand is motionless.

khushi... khushi... khushi... khushi, don't worry, sab theek hai, khushi... everything is fine (shaking her gently) main bhi theek hoon... we're safe now, khushi.

looks at her face, perplexed, worried sick.
khushi, tum kuch bolti kyon nahin... (voice thickening)... khushi, say something, dammit!

growing urgency, shakes her face.
khushi... what... khushi, baat karo mujhse... (voice rising with an edge of anger born of extreme worry) khushi, say something!
khushi!! khushi! khushi.
crash of thunder, music, he sees blood on his hands from the back of her head.

khushi! khushi! khushi, talk to me dammit! this is not FUNNY!
lifts her hand and starts rubbing it.
khushi, kuch bolo!! say something... please say something, khushi, khush-!
her hand falls to the floor, lifeless. crash.
he's nonplussed. mournful music strains in. he's beginning to panic, close to tears. looking at her face, imploring.
please kuch bolo na, please say something dammit, KHUSHI!
looks at her face cradled in his hand. hugs her to him, crying.
looks at her again.
khushi, khushi, wake up please.
checks to see if she's breathing, hand below her nostrils. nothing.
noooh... apni ankhen kholo, khushi please please... just breathe... just breathe, khushi... i'm telling YOU TO BREATHE DAMMIT!

lays her on the ground, starts pumping her chest.
khushi, wake up, please.
flashback, only voiceover, then visual:
khushi: phir aapke zindagi ki sabse achhi aur ranjhe ki zindagi ki sabsi buri ghadi ayegi.
arnav: matlab?
khushi: hum mar jayenge.

he starts and shudders at the memory of the heer ranjha scene.
pumps with determination.
khushi! khushi, wake up dammit.
voice wobbles even as he tries to stay in control.
khushi, say something to

another memory in voice only this time:
khushi: samajhiye hum bhi tara bangaye... raat mein daayen se tisra, jo sabse zyada chamak raha hai, wo hum hai.

he keeps pumping.
no khushi, you can't do this to me, khushi.

he won't let her go, she can't just die. mouth to mouth resuscitation. no use. he is desperate. in ragged whisper.
khushi, please say something.
strokes her face.
khushi, please say something.
pulls her face close and in tears, eyes shut, presses his lips to her forehead.
looks at her face tenderly.

voice thickening with tears and emotion:
khushi please, please khushi... khushi, mai tumhare b-!
he cuts short the bad bad thought.
tum mere sath aisa nahin kar sakti, khushi.

he's wilting under the weight of the horrific thought.
sobs... khushi... don't, you can't do this... sobs

remembers at the poolside he's told her that day of holi:
jab tum meri paas hoti ho, to tumhare dil ki dhadkano ke saath saath mere dil ki dhadkane bhi tez ho jaati hai... hamari dhadkane ek ho jaati hai.
he lifts her hand and places it on his heart. holding her close he rests his head against her sobbing.
heart beats fade in dhak dhak dhak dhak. her fingers flutter, he is unaware.
hm! she says!
his eyes fly open.
hey hay heyheyhey rabba vey.
he looks at her, she coughs, breathing in, he wraps her in his arms. hugs her close, gently rocking.
strokes her hair and looks into her face.
tears choke his voice.
you- (i think that's what he said)
she tries to speak: 

he cuts in: 

sh! sh! kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahin hai.

after this, there's not a single word spoken.

she lifts her hand and strokes his tear and blood stained cheek. he turns her palm and puts his lips to it, a joy filled kiss. tender and sweet. again he turns her face and kisses her forehead. music floats around them.
he folds her in his arms again, smiling delighted that she is here, here in his arms and alive.
rabba vey.
they just sit holding each other close, taking in the moment, one with the hills, greens, trees, sky. temple in the background.
rabba vey plays on.
he gets up, places her dupatta on her shoulders. she struggles to stand up, he moves to pick her up.
her fingers reach up to hold his vest.
a beautiful moment as he sees this. she is doing what she's always done, even when unconscious.
he is absolutely ecstatic, turns and smiles into her eyes.
he picks her up in his arms, they look at each other, a pause, he smiles, then starts walking.
he walks with her in his arms as he has done many times before.
she snuggles there easy, he is tall and strong and striding confidently, her dupatta floats, the temple looks on.

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