Monday, 7 December 2015

288, 304, are we imagining things

someone said, are we all imagining things as on reruns of ipk we seem to notice new things, new subtle expressions that communicate their feelings. like in 304, when he returns to give her her telephone, "thrilled that he has a reason to come and see her"... and she not overly happy to see him, hurt as she is by his behaviour, also the decision to leave him that she has taken based on her reading of the situation. the day we were chatting, i'd just seen 288: clifftop... somehow always gets me. my reply to her is here.

no, we are not (imagining things)... unless we are all the same people as i have the exact same feeling. just saw clifftop again... there's an all new feeling of gut filling tenderness there.. and that happiness...  and that split second movement of feelings... 

that whole i will win you over time (in episodes 296 to 310) is astoundingly gorgeous... the way he reacts to her, looks at her, plays, cajoles, coerces and wants desires deeply loves.


a little look at what's to come.

raw shots in sequence... he has allowed more of all kinds of expressed feelings of love to enter the face and body. and everything keeps getting thicker... even the way he gathers her in his arms... different.

excel spreadsheet may have a use i am thinking... collate, categorise, hysterically catalogue each and every look of love by asr, including the nafrat and gussa.

and of course, another one on just ishtylewa of the man.


this is not FUNNY episodes

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