Sunday, 13 December 2015

pristine pure ipk (episode 64)... 1

i went to my imgur albums looking for an edit from episode 64. one year ago i had made and uploaded caps from star player i realised. as i scrolled down, i could feel my gaze wanting to linger, to stop... i could almost see the episode... and that thrill stored in the memory, rise.

unedited shots... i wanted to stay and stare.

how pristine and wonderful these two look... and the communication without saying anything.

he rages, she is taken aback, close to tears, but not shattered... that magnificent walk away from him and his insults... and something in his eyes noting he is not feeling fine about everything he is doing...

the fight with di, the need to see her happy, the roiling of emotions, the angry arrogant barge in at gh, the slapping down of wads of notes, the stupendous communication between the two without saying a word...

the sheer beauty.

there was story, there were real people, and was the acting fabulous.

there really was no way of making it ordinary, conventional... its mainspring challenged norms, social mores. in the most fascinating ways. that made it precious and ipk.

just look at them.

more coming up...

in a way, my sadness re jashn was a good think, i am thinking now. it sort of settled in, i said what i needed to, and suddenly the desire to see what i have loved for so long returned... as i go back, it's even more lovely and i see many new things. and oh that feeling of falling for something again. ipk is a classic and will remain so as classics do.


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