Thursday, 31 December 2015

episodes 279/280 of plots and plotters

the most significant thing about these two episodes is, i really remember nothing.

except for maybe this.

honestly, nothing made a scratch or dent or scribble in the mind.

this could be because now i know the whole kidnap story is pointless and inept plot construction. when i thought there was a story here, i did find khushi throwing herself into doing even what gives her the creeps to get her arnav ji back, interesting.

she uses the word "ghin" again and again while speaking of shyam... and later she told him he has no idea to what extent she can go for arnav ji... kis hadd talk gir sakte hain... how much i can fall, is i think what she says.

and in that the writers wrap up this sub plot idea neatly... but alas the main action has no meaning, so all this is pointless. made me think of the witness for the prosecution by agatha christie, where the wife does all sorts of things to save her husband, including dressing up as an old woman and making her own testimony seem unreliable, when the lawyer asks her if she'd done all this because so sure her husband was not the murderer, she replies, no, it was because she knew he was.

but here, forget a smashing twist, even the basic linear tale was not there...

and a confounding mystery.

how can those who had written telepathy for 278 and teri meri for 277, even begin to write janpath pendant pen drive bilge in the very next episode.

and really, now that rhea has brought in chip and dale... why were nk and khushi doing that loud act at the poolside. don't they know that place is meant for subtle, sheer romance... fairylights, almost kisses, hamari dhadkane, throwing out of bride, divine hurlings of i hate you, hum bhi aap se nafrat karte hain, even crick in the neck and a checkout by forum girls of colour of underwear.

no no this is not the place to be discussing jiju's, ugh i hate this jiju thing, plans. and suddenly khushi starts talking about asking the right questions. how that would lead them to finding out his whereabouts. really?

"jab humey in sab sawalon ke jawab mil jaayenge toh who jawab humey arnav ji ke paas le jayga," sounds very interesting as though many questions will be answered... well, they won't. this is a whole lot of meaningless talk to keep the audience hooked.

did not work... because the most important sawal had not been asked...

dear audience, are you fools?

it was just assumed we were.

really bad episode... lots of hamming.

to add ipk style to a supposedly tense episode, some crazy funnies were added... payal, akash and buaji got caught in the chameli tel and eye making tactics of ensnaring your man. i did giggle, but not for long.

nani was worried about her grandson. at last, someone was saying something is strange about the man not coming back.

a lot of tense eyes swiveling around and giving me a headache later, shyam decided to have a rude conversation with rocky and tell him to send gifts to asr's home from asr. why must he sound so crass and almost careless. one rather funny thing though, kidnappers are getting fed up... they were not paid to work for so many days, the idea was to finish off the guy... not keep him alive, tolerate his ways, take care of his diabetes... oh the everyday problems of hoods and those they call boss.

one more thing, shyam, asr is in scotland according to the fam. i don't think you get in chandni chowk the things scotland is known for... watching this nonsense is making me want to have a couple of quick shots of a typically scottish thing.

however, since star plus, 4 lions and all writers have decided we are indeed not too affected by grey cells, rocky does some shopping in daryaganj or wherever, puts it in a cardboard carton and sends it off to shantivan... direct from scotland.

actually harry potter is from there, maybe the story could do with some help from wizards and witches. or perhaps we could get another scottish gentleman and his wife over, since clearly a murder is in the making. i speak of mr and mrs macbeth. oh all the hubble and bubble and toil and trouble of kidnap... but, dear people, what's the plot.

never mind... a gorgeous man, now looking extremely tired in a room stacked with cartons and dust and forever shamelessly naked bulbs, has rushed around madly for a pen, he will write a note on a restaurant bill to his wife telling her he is close to this place.

being the only one with some serious grey cells here and with a complete lack of love for hamming and melodrama, he gets straight to the point... can't write his name, must write something the kidnapper won't get, but the wife will. so what should he write...

feel like yelling at writer. you had to find some way to do that cutesie pie laad governor love note thing, to help khushi and nk reach the hideout. couldn't you find anything to exploit other than nani's love? and she should have been asking this question a few times before, then it might have made some sense also.

all along there's a feeling that the story is being constantly pushed around, changes at will, practically every day.

and that khushi in red all over shyam in his lust, was nauseating.


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