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epiosde 269 hasee but no phasee

"daro naahin, phatti saari, bhy fears when mami is heres..." don't be scared, phatti saree, why fear when maami is here. i remember i liked this crazy sounding dialogue, so made note of it.

i had actually forgotten this was the episode where nk is brought back. that entire prank with hoodie and fake knife had slipped my mind... i forget so many things, but watching ipk again was about the things i remembered. and sadly very little of those in these episodes.

serial writing is not easy, the pressures are immense. there's trp... then writing for an amorphous "mass" is always tough, and the many restrictions that anything watched by everybody is bound to have. despite all that, near brilliance, and sometimes plain brilliance was achieved in ipk.

so now when suddenly there's barely any sign of it, it feels kind of sad and empty.

i was glad to see nk, but couldn't understand that prank. and did i get startled the first time i saw it? yes, for a few seconds... then it felt so stagey, one couldn't insist on being tense and worried, even though the man is tied and with kidnappers.

the only time during the kidnap track anything felt real was when there was asr on screen or both asr and khushi.

they were together in this episode only for a couple of minutes, when nk very sweetly gave khushi her wedding gift, a heart locket with both their pictures in it, so cute and nk like... khushi remembered her man. walking toward her, wanting to make love... he had carried her and laid her down on a bed of hay. it was a poignant and sensual moment. i loved the colouring of the flashback.

there was another flashback later of him ripping off the ventilator unable to bear the sight of a man misbehaving with khushi. i wish they had spent a bit more time showing us what she remembered.

payal and akash did some awkward movements in a sequence written to establish something about relationship, but for the life of me i could not guess what. payal was no dolt, so why would she wear two layers of heavy gold jewellery to an office party? unless of course, she had decided mami ji was her style guru, but then payal used to have brains and guts, what happened to that? did marriage rob her of herself almost? not a bad story there, quite plausible, especially in the indian context, but then that had to be shown well and developed in a meaningful way, not just be explored through these sporadic bouts of payal in a mess and akash in a huff or whatever he was in at that moment.

she knows it is not a wedding, not even a sangeet... and why was akash waxing eloquent about some woman who has started her own business despite being married? and why did akshay's acting seem so off all the time these days? i think the only day he felt normal post bubbly's entry was when asr made that phonecall.

deepali tried to do a convincing payal but for a couple of months now her character is being badly mangled and not given any direction whatsoever.

i guess what i was watching was the slow undoing of a thing that had come together so beautifully that you'd never imagine this might happen.

anyway, akash felt a bit full of himself. the sweet akash of the early days who looked longingly at a girl and wondered why money was so important was gone. in his place, a slightly all knowing akash, bigger and beefier. now suddenly he knows exactly what his wife needs... a trip to bua ji's. but before i get there, was payal just mistaken for the house keeping girl or maid by a guest at the party... really? isn't she the boss's wife? and she was wearing a couple of kilos of gold... what was the average iq of the guests at this office party, pilleejh humko koi bataibe?

the whole akash payal thing feels like scenes written by a freelancer. that too a clueless, lazy, uninspired freelancer, or maybe many such freelancers. production house was perhaps not paying too well? not that money can always buy mettle or magic.

so we went to buaji's where again a scene crafted around humour said payal was uncomfortable being in akash's world and felt she was a misfit. made no sense, since this thought was brought up but never gone into... freelancers forgetting to keep track of each other's stories maybe?

bua ji was fun to watch... and yeah she was even isslimmer than sanka devi... i believe her.

the only thing that had impact on the story and felt rather nice was the bringing together of khushi and nk once more as friends, partners... i liked the fact that we easily accepted there can be friendship between a man and a woman... not seen very often in our shows. also... now in this current situation, as he grew closer to khushi and helped her, later defended her, he seemed to reflect something nand kishore, krishna as sakha... friend; saving draupadi... in this case, khushi, when her vastra haran is going on before all as we shall see later as shyam casts horrid aspersions on her character in the sitting room of shantivan in front of everyone.

he sensed she was not herself when she didn't look happy as ever but was seriously concerned when she didn't correct his hindi... that was nice.
"achha laga na?" did you like it, nk asked in that innocent happy nk way of the gift he had given her... karan g is a sweet actor, fresh clean feeling, always felt like her buddy. in this friendship again that contemporariness we often found in ipk and that too realistically and naturally portrayed.

okay, now mami wants a "tatu" and khushi has decided tattoo art is "kalakari". actually, why not, many of our tribal people and even others have had a tradition of tattoo making for centuries... kalakari it is. but how many tattoo parlours would be convinced that mami is the one seeking this embellishment, not her younger prettier companion?

i am fairly untouched by the episode and restless to see the kidnapped one.
lots of forced hasee in it but nothing caught me. no phasee, no lassi.

'asta la vista, i say a la nk... he did sound nice. 


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