Saturday, 26 December 2015

episode 268 arnav hello hi

it was a difficult episode to sit through and i wondered what made it feel so flat. a lot of things happened. khushi woke up and realised asr had surrendered to the goondas for her safety's sake., she swore she would bring him back... there was a poignant scene of hers sitting with the little kalash that had held fireflies just one episode back.

mami ji got worried about khushi and called bua ji, suddenly a little comic break over a tense moment... a lot of talk about there being no water anywhere... well arnav means the ocean... and he was certainly not around. 

the family gathered around the table in a chirpy mood, nani for some reason very interested ion payal and akash's love life suddenly... mami looked troubled and was about to spill the beans when khushi came back. then came a tense threatening call from the kidnappers. shyam appeared soon after that... anjali went a little crazy on hearing asr had called... a little lie of khushi's. suddenly all this concern for her brother when she was perfectly calm earlier... the episode established, there was no question of going to the cops... but i still could not fathom how the writers were so blithely brushing off of akash. i mean would it not be normal for mami at least to seek his involvement? and then in the middle of everything was aparty scene where payal, an otherwise feisty girl, looked awkward uncomfortable and dropped paneer kababs... despite a lot of screen time and dialogues, sanaya felt a little disconnected from the entire thing. the lines were said, the expressions were given, the tears flowed, even a bit of frenzy came, but something was missing.

only two things really...

i thought the opening shots of khushi were rather lovely.

and right at the end, for about two minutes, really good acting by utkarsha naik. at one point mami felt a tug in her about her bitwa... and a steely determination entered her to get him back. utkarsha naik always added shades to the exaggerated caricature sketch of mami's. she did it in a way that made me stop and look this time. her language remained hello hi but the content and delivery were dignified and strong yet unmistakably mami... she was practical, focused, brave... nephew and mami seemed to have a lot in common. a woman who made it in life despite a lack of money and class... maybe this steely determination got her where she wanted to go... i liked her attitude of enough moping, let's go get it done.

khsuhiw as distraught that to save her he had done this... after she lost it a bit and said frantically, no matter what i want arnav ji here with me, safe and sound, something in khushi's desperate need for her man seemed to spark something in mami.

"hum arnab bitwa ko le aibe," we will get arnav back she said with a confident reassuring nod.

"jaroor le aibe.. lekin ee bakhat aansoo bahaika nahin... khud ka take care kareka hai..." certainly will bring him... but this is not the time for tears... this is the time to take care of oneself. i loved the "take care kareka pari..."

"kaono baat naahin... tum tarai toh ki na? ab hum dono milkar tarai karat hai..." no problem, you have tried now we shall both try...

"hum jaroor success karbe..." we will certainly succeed. success karbe... nice.

"manorama detectibh ij bith you..." and then the seetee bajake line, manorama detective is with you.

"okay?!" yes, mami ji, abs okay! said like your nephew in my head...

"ab arnab bitwa ke hello hi aur oo kidnapper ko bye bye kareka padi. samjhi?" need i translate that...


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