Friday, 4 December 2015

episodes 256/257 angry eyes

saw the two episodes this morning, a slightly tired sunday felt even more listless and wan after watching.

definitely the absence is being felt.

and as a result, desperate measures.

firstly, these are the fourth and fifth episodes i think of khushi looking consistently constantly sad and forlorn and droopy... tiring to watch. and not exactly khushi. yes, there was the jalebi making and the soliloquy of 255. but that was all. and a dream a little before that. otherwise, the same expression practically right through. sad... really, because i found it difficult to watch ipk. very difficult.

even the one with rocky's first appearance was better in a way. it did not have shyam minus clothes. what crazy tack was this? it was sharp to the extent it made one go "ow;" and close ones eyes.

khushi stood there saying many things?

how about leaving the room.

not an option?

like that evening on the terrace... the long conversation with a married man who has long stalked and harassed you, yet, you insist on finishing the conversation... here too.

why, she was more spirited and fiery when she met the horrid mr raizada the first time. she made every attempt to leave. here she stood and kept telling shyam to go, knowing full well by now his penchant for melodrama...

and who wrote that shyam bit? what was the purpose? the same leching and insinuating and crazy making of khushi could have been done without the village belle like going for bath sequence methinks. or maybe they should have given him a little pitcher to fill water. really, so he skulked in her room, waiting for her to appear so he could show her his biceps and triceps and get her on a sensual high? i mean really what was the reason for this bilious scene?

he speaks of her angry eyes turning him on. ok, i thought of the angry eyes that do actually turn her on...if that was the writer's intention, a smooth reminder of the gussa man... i am okay with with those few words.

but khushi's eyes would have grown stormy and more without shyam's off shoulder look.

another reminder of the man in his cousin stealing his stance and word. uff akash said, "enough!"

how terribly wrong it sounded coming from him.

and how the heart leaped at a memory.

two episodes and more went showing several strangers with as many phones talking about mr r not reaching london.

were these all hints of the phonecall on the way? finally when you are tired of the many phonecalls will come the one true phonecall.

ah, something spiritual surely there.

well, since i can't get my passport and visa to london in a day, and several weeks of outsourcing and human bungling must be factored in, i better shut up and recede to my corner, hurt. whether an actor is present or not, the viewer always is...might have been great if makers considered this person. the actor gave notice and left, the creators left it seemed without even bothering to tell me.

so yes, kidnap gave us some fantastic and unbelievable moments.

but always when the one who had taken a little time off was there.

makes me wonder about the level of talent and commitment of the writers and other creatives...


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