Friday, 4 December 2015

episode 254 who's that boy

well, this man got introduced here, so it can't be all bad, can it.

was he asr's wicked uncle's ballistically wicked son?

was he a forgotten scion of the malik khandan come to assert his right?

was he a business rival who wanted to kaput asr before ar took over his whole empire... i mean look at the profile, the "stance" of head, and isn't that a brown suit he wears. oh h only one man has copyright in perpetuity over suits of that shade, doesn't he know? maybe it's a fierce battle for the right to own and master that very thing... the brown suit.

this man was too dashing to be just an anybody. maybe he was aman's cool dude younger bro taking revenge on his hapless and sleep deprived elder bro's inconsiderate boss so aman could take over ar.

i mean, who was he?

and who was masala mama, while we are at this? was he a secret messenger for some mega boss called mother? and babli, with that definite nick nack air, was she an infiltrator from the dark side too? she kept the evil eye twitching eviler music embellished enemy aware of her brusque not mushy cousin's cousin's whereabouts and shenanigans.

i mean who were all these people? must be the writers had understood the need for a deep dark fascinating conspiracy against asr and ar and these were the stalwarts of that twist, dhamakedaar twist, in the tail and tale...

surely that black scorpion in the sangeet sequence was a maha hint of this maha twist.

and look look now nani ji is telling the pining khushi that her chhotey hides in brass containers to punish himself if those he loves get chastised. huh? okay, i will not lie, when i heard this the first time, i was irritated but intrigued, was this a major lead, a hint hint, at something to come.

hmm... episode 254. very tired and uninspired day at the production house, maybe the going away of powerhouse actor had winded them and suddenly in the midst of highly notched up shyam melodrama and khushi to the rescue strategy, an honest and forlorn sigh from the show... where are you, arnav ji. how will 20 minutes sell without you. wardrobe, yes yes make that mistake and give that suit to that fellow, at least we'll get to see something that reminds of nasty arrogance...

sat through it hoping to see a dear face, and just because i do have a lot of regard and fondness for nani, khushi and the others... no, not nick nack and extremely nonmasala uncle. but yeah, that profile could have led the story to more exotic vistas... such a "washte". bhelcomes, rocky... how you kept us inventing dreaming believing.

for rocky and the real thriller, a song... and a dance. and if memory has not completely disappeared, in this particular gana a little mistaken identity too.

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