Saturday, 26 December 2015

lost worlds... verses from a moment true

266 started with two poems.

lost are worlds within me
on the edge of faith have i stood long
and watched my temples burn
taken from myself
tied by the treachery of turbid love

in the gloam stars did stop
lost have i roamed the darkness
grasping at the night
and wrapped it around
made it yield to the might within
with hands i fought to break free

and yet lost i was

till the twilight said
amid the barrenness of deserted time
what if i lost you

out of that stopped star
that trenchant stubborn darkness
did you come streaking out
in unstoppable carmine flow
and grasped the phantom shadows
and wrapped with shining faith
seeking what had been lost
so many darknesses ago

and you found me
dhoond liya tumne

my arms rise and hold at last
my feet stay firm at the edge of faith
red pulsating do you flow
and return to me every lost world of mine 

theek ho tum?
how can i be when you are not
in my arms
safe and dominant and ascending
and angry and indomitable and...
arnav ji

yes, just that, only that, hamesha that
arnav ji

how could i be if you aren't there
to torment and tether me
to wrap me in your darkness pure
to the heart of which i flow
only to find
light, just that, only that, hamesha that
aakhir humne aapko dhoondh hi liya

when i find you
why does it feel as if i found my lost worlds
each one of them
aisa kyun hota hai


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