Wednesday, 16 December 2015

ipkknd ek jashn 8... khushi look at you


kuch rishtey ajeeb hi dor main bandhey hote hain...
she was his happiness, she reached and touched places no one had in the longest time.
he perhaps was her joy? finding places in her that she never even knew existed... he was hers, she had a huq on him. nothing else mattered. no one took that right away from her. he was hers forever and he wasn't going away anywhere... she would never be alone in the dark again.
her smile was sunny and he loved the ajeeb in it, maybe that's why he knew where her fears, her tears were... who knows, i'll never know... but look at her, has she ever looked happier... more sunny, more secure, more beautiful and in love. and so openly owning arnav ji.


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