Sunday, 20 December 2015

this is not funny and a chat

he said, "this is not funny" as he searched for her in the woods? i remember him frantic and handsome, but not that line... nainital is another thesis worthy bit.

thanks for that, rhea.. so kizh thought i was rhea and said the dialogue comes from nainital... and rhea went looking for it and found "this is not funny"... i think the show wants to chat with us... hamesha.

we are a day away from one "this is not funny" and just then kizh remembers that particular dialogue because of v bad writing and we find out this funny thing...

tell me someone there is no telepathy, no vibe, no sixth seventh eight sense.

i feel like saying achha hua there was bad writing, a la achha hua hum gire.

gosh, there was another this is not funny from the man when he thought he'd lost her...

i think sometimes writers just repeated without thinking and sometimes they did it deliberately to create resonance or other things... like that mirroring of shyam and asr's dialogues at times. or using the same words in layers across episodes.

here, it's most likely how asr would react to such a stressful situation. or maybe a subtle tying of the two episodes, suggesting he was never not in love with this mad woman, even then the thought of losing her was scary... then he was not that aware, but he felt things... uff when he gets up in the morning and realises he has left her alone in a dark room. and then beating up the goondas.

now he is absolutely aware and this is really not funny.


this is not FUNNY episodes

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