Thursday, 3 December 2015

3 much... ek jashn episode 3

it's wonderful to see the thread alive and in its own way dhakdhakking. yeah, indu, jashan is here but where be tashan? LOL rhea, cin, kowsie, mani... the subtle beautiful days of ipk call us and yes, watching them in hotstar clarity further causes extreme acidity.

but it's set in an environment i don't recognise at all... that is no ipk. and so, somehow, it just makes me feel weird. as in no "feeling, arnav ji, feeling."

i have often been reminded of the godfather while watch ipk, especially barun. oh that opening sequence. a young callow actor in a cravat of all things (because the ties were reflecting the sun too much and star didn't approve), eyes fixed on smarmy paan chewing chacha ji... cold, metallic, lethal and sure that gaze... i had thought of michael when he became the godfather.

while chatting with indu, i'd written this:

"in fact, yesterday i got looked at very strangely by my younger colleague for saying this reminded me of another actor/character who shook my insides.

al pacino as michael corleone. remember? his evolution was really the other way round. but really, both sides of a character carries a bit of the other side... everything is there in the original total being. depends which aspect is more in view when.

but that stillness in his face... that congealed power, the mystique... in no way was it less than this. i don't care if all are laughing at me now.


not a question of quantity though, it was really about the nature of the shot... the actors, the characters. i have often prattled on about wanting to see barun in a michael like role. as a 14 year old, the godfather by mario puzo was one of the most  fascinating books i'd read, just after i saw the film... that experience is in me, even full frontal lobotomy may not extricate it. now you know my thing for bad boys ha ha. but really the authority, the magnificence, the power, and the vulnerability in both these actors in these shots i can't get over. if vijay verma was an inspiration for the writers, i suspect so was michael corleone.

and the essential sexiness of al pacino and barun sobti... death.

al pacino used to make me feel all sorts of things... though barun leaves me a complete wreck. i am so blessed to have seen all the shots in this post. yay.

one thing, gotta say, no one does shades the way barun does 'em.
sound effects as indi falls off the cliff."

as i watched episode 3 of jashn, these shades were all gone. a flat haha feel to barun, his eyes, those eyes, sigh... just don't connect. don't give goosebumps. i am pretty sure, the actor in him is not even slightly touched by what he is doing right now.
he seems to be so out of it. and akash asr talk was like akshay and barun chatting with that oh look at us, we're so cool air, actually the so called "adult" talk was just that... so called. a bit outdated even... the pitch of writing is off key... it rarely used to be so at one point.

i never ever thought i'd think barun was looking not good... didn't even feel like making an edit. definitely don't want to see 3 again. saddest thing, while subtitling one and two, saw the scenes again and again and couldn't find a thing that held my attention, made me sigh, made me feel.

it's not about mellow or not, mushy or not, or youthful or not, or effect of kkg or not...

this same format, using older material cleverly to keep us thrilled and bring new viewers in, but written by a good writer, even with the "maha twist" of asr talking, and directed with interest, making actors find their characters and holding on, with barun interested... could have been a deadly thing.

this is a group of friends that star roped in to do a cutesy thing without too much effort or love being given to it at all. star owns ipk and obviously does not value its merit beyond the money it can make. when i heard sanaya "choreographed" the promo dance, i was like what the. this is the same show that had teri meri, twice, that fab awkward dance of preeto's wedding, and ab na jaa... and now they are doing this...

i mentioned the godfather. if you've seen it... there's a poignant scene where don corleone looks at his eldest son... sonny. dead. and marlon brando says that memorable, "look what they've done to my son."

the words resonate...

him on that first day.

him in 395. right at the end almost.

smitten yes... and a lot has happened, he is not looking as spiffy, hair is strangely done, stubble not as neat, he was possibly not keeping too well, but to me, asr is still there in those eyes. that way of looking... the aura.

in fact, my dp... him in total love, acting like a sankafied man rushing back to his gulabi biwi again and again that day... but still that is asr, no mistaking it. huq hai tumhara, pause, thrust lips a bit, just a bit and let a look invade the eyes... mujh pe.

also here asr in lotsa lau in 343:

(by this time i was already watching only for these two actors and the little bits of abs inspired moments we got from them.)

and again, playing basketball (375/6). we all know asr could not have been the basketball star of his college, and the dilution is making us go a bit haywire, but barun still manages to hold onto something asr. something.

that essential asr-ness, a lithe power, a thing in the being... even when he is mushy or apologising or being silly, whatever.

this time, i just missed my man. i hope khushi is not played with more than she already has been.

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